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Hi Guys! My name is Rohan Pandya and i am going to guide you with my blogging experience on How to Make Money Online and save Unwanted Expenses on my website Mrpandya.

My friends call me a chill out guy who loves to party and spend time travelling, But i am a person who will always try different hacks to save money, Basically none of my friends know how much money i save.

But, Now i’hv decided i’ll share all the tips and tricks about how i save money every time i am travelling and also few crazy hacks on how to make money online with the power of blogging.

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One of the best way to earn money online is from Amazon Affiliate niche site. I have listed down 10 different ways to start Amazon Affiliate website and generate part time income from it.

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These day you cannot rely only on one social media platform. You need to keep all your social media accounts updated to keep your followers engaged with you. I have good number of friends on Snapchat with helps me in getting good brand presence. If you want to target the youth from the age of 13-25 then checkout below how i get more friends on Snapchat as young generation is highly active on Snapchat.

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I am a Traveller, I have been to 6 countries till now and will be travelling more. While i am travelling, i still make money. Confused how? I will be sharing all my secrets on making money online and how i manage to earn money even when i am on vacation with friends and family.

While i am travelling, i love to listen to music and Spotify Premium Apk is the best App where i get to listen all the latest blockbuster music for free.

I started blogging during my college days back in 2014. It has been 4 years now, Started blogging just for fun which has now become my passion and i am doing blogging full time now. Yes i don’t do a 9 to 5 job and you can also make money online just like i am doing.

I will be sharing all the strategies that i have used on my blogs so that you can make good profit after spending some time for your blog.

If you start blogging or any other thing today, Make sure you continue to do it till the end, I am sure you will earn good money online. Keep the consistency and you will surely see results not instantly but eventually.