How to find trending hashtags on Instagram


Trending hashtags on Instagram : Well, As you know that Instagram in now the new tool for social media marketing. Now a days, everyone is using Instagram for promotions, influencing as well. But now, since Instagram has become really popular, the rules for Instagram hashtags have also changed and things that we were doing earlier are not really effective anymore.

Instagram Hashtags are a great way for you to increase your followers on this social media application. And not just increase, but also engage people through hashtags. So this year, we have come up with loads of new ways to help you grow your page, so that your marketing goals that you have thought for yourself are met easily.

How to find trending hashtags on Instagram :

trending hashtags on Instagram

instagram hashtags generator

1) The first and foremost thing is that now your Instagram Hashtag is a really relevant thing. The purpose of hashtags are that a person can just follow the hashtag, and not scroll through an endless feed. Your post would automatically show when anyone clicks on the hashtag.

2) Next, what you could do is once you follow a hashtag, a lot of suggested posts will start showing up on your feed. A user would then have the ability to select if they want to see the hashtag or not, and can mark the option as not relevant. Of course, if you mark too many posts such way then it might affect your account negatively.

3) One important thing is to avoid spamming. So try not copying the same list of hashtags in every of your post. This would only make specific number of people through the same hashtags, and might even be seen as spam by the Instagram algorithm. So, come up with new and innovative hashtags, and switch it for each you reach a post.

4) We know it is a bit different to come up with captions, but Later’s Saved Caption can make the process of coming up with new hashtags all the time much simpler. You can just create the hashtags with thus based on the frequency of your usage. Then, once you want to post it, just schedule it via Saved Captions and post.

5) The next thing is knowing if you are using the right hashtag or not. Firstly, you should not post tags such as #likeforlike as they have been used countless number of times. Start choosing the tags which would benefit your account. Make your own branded content hashtag such as #foodontheway if you have a food related Instagram. This would help you connect with likeminded users who follow the same kind of things. This would improve the searchability of your posts, gain followers, and grow your own community.

Switch to a Business Profile

Once you have a business profile, you can analyze how your posts are performing, which hashtags work the best, and how many people are visiting your profile daily. This would help you see exactly how effective your posts are, and the insights will help you optimize a lot on your hashtag strategy.

You need to form a good strategy, about what all hashtags that you need to use in a post. Once you check your insights, you can easily shortlist and narrow down the hashtags which affect your business the most.

Follow Instagram Hashtags

Instagram now has the ability to follow hashtags. It’s just like following somebody’s profile, and whatever topics interest you, you can easily follow their hashtags. So what you could do is, once you make your own branded hashtag, you can push your users to follow this. You should also follow your competitor’s hashtag on Instagram to see what’s trending in your similar industry and then use it for your own too.

Apart from that, you can also add hashtags to your story, and through this, you can get discovered by a new audience. One thing that you should know is that most Instagram geo-locations and hashtags have their own stories attached to them. You can either use a hashtag sticker, or you could also use the text tool.

How Many Hashtags is the right amount?

The important question is knowing how much is the right amount of hashtag on Instagram. Thirty is the maximum tags that you can use, and the more you use it, the more opportunities you have to be discovered through your trending hashtags. Try finding the relevant hashtags which you could add to each of your post and it would make a lot of difference. Just check to see if they’re trending, and how many people follow these hashtags. Use the ones which your target audience would follow and this would become a great way to connect to your customers too!

We have also published a detailed guide on How to Get Followers on Instagram for free and increase your fanbase to start earning good money. Hashtags is one of the main reason to increase more and more followers on Instagram.


Thus, trending hashtags is easy to find on Instagram. In short, just search for what your target audience or customers would like and try to find synonyms for these words. Next, check these synonyms to see if they are popular in the Instagram space or not. If they are popular enough, then follow it and see what people who use these hashtags post. Understand the content, and try posting something similar if those posts get a lot of engagement. This would help get you more followers, likes and comments and in turn your page will slowly become popular. Hence, it is really important to find the correct hashtags to use for all your different types of post. Also make sure these hashtags are not redundant, and are used by people. Try doing it and it would garner a great traffic if used sensibly.

We hope all your doubts about how to find trending hashtags on Instagram is solved. we have also added the best method to Instagram hashtags generator on our site.

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