10 Social Media mistakes that can ruin your brand and business


In this day and age, social media has prevailed largely, and has expanded well in a short span of time. The potential of social media for business is great, and one could use this to boost their traffic for their brand. If used wisely, it is really beneficial, but if you are not using it properly, then it could actually damage your brands reputation.

10 Social Media mistakes that can ruin your brand and business

10 Social Media mistakes that can ruin your brand and business

You as a brand need to understand how to get the most out of social media, and thus these are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when it comes to branding.

1) If you don’t take negative feedback/comments seriously

It’s Important to never ignore negative feedback and always take it seriously. You need to understand how to respond to a negative comment as it affects your brand heavily. Brands do think that they can just delete these comments, but instead of that, one needs to see this situation as an opportunity and learn from them.

It is crucial to have a strong customer service so one could show how committed they are to their user base. So most brands fail to deal with negativity properly, and this is one of the greatest mistakes that can cost your brand.

2) Avoid posting content which is similar in nature

If you keep on posting the same kind of content, then people might start thinking that you have very less creativity and are downright boring. For this, it is important to see what your audience is actually responding to. Make it interesting for your audience and keep that interest alive. For that, we would recommend you to hire a creative team, so that they could generate good content regularly.

Apart from that, we would recommend that you do a competitor analysis so that you know what the strategy that they might be following is. Try picking up some themes from there, but make sure you don’t copy any ideas. And make your feed really interested so that you have a very strong social base.

3) Do not post too much

It is highly recommended not to spam your followers with too many posts per day, as eventually people would start to unfollow you or practically even ignore your posts. To rectify this, you should install scheduling tools like Hootsuite or SocialPilot which will help you schedule a proper time in between all your posts.

So try keeping a maximum of 4 posts on Twitter daily, and on Facebook and Insta, limit it to 2 posts a day. Also, have some variety in your content, and don’t just keep posting pictures unnecessarily.

4) Try not having too many social media handles all at once

If we look at the statistics, then we can see that most of the companies usually rely on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for visibility and social networking. Instagram and Pinterest have also gained really high usage and traffic.

Try to target that social media site which implies to your business the most. Like if you are a brand that requires more graphic depiction, then try using Facebook and Instagram, while if you’re more about professional advice giving then you can use Twitter or LinkedIn. So try to focus more on the business which would give you higher return on investments.

For this first make a good audience base for whichever social media site you want to start with and then shift to the other ones.

5) People forget to measure results ( Biggest social media mistakes)

Since you keep on spending money on campaigns, businesses often forget to check their results and this is where they make a huge mistake. For a proper marketing campaign, it is important to check the results, not only in terms of likes or followers but also in terms of actual sale generation.

For this, it is necessary to sit down and strategize. Talk to people who usually analyze these things and who could actually help you out with it. This will help you improve and also come up with more creative ideas when you learn from your failures.

6) Don’t add your URL in the description box.

A lot of brands make this particular mistake, and they should understand that this link is redundant and does not do them any good at all. In its place, you need to actually put up some description about your brand which everyone can relate with.

Get people to be interested in your brand. Try to use link shortners like Bitly which would help you track all the clicks.

7) Don’t use irrelevant hashtags.

Irrelevant hashtags lead to irrelevancy of searches as a hashtag helps more people view your content. So the better hashtags you put, the better search results you would get and vice versa. So if you use any random thing, then the results would not be right.

For this, look at other posts with similar content and try to use the same kind of hashtags.

8) People forget to use images in their posts

There have been a lot of studies on this matter, and it has shown that posts having pictures performs lot better. People love to see images in their posts as it leads to a higher engagement. Studies have shown that posts with images perform better.

People who read articles always want to see interesting and related images.

Therefore, when you post some content on social media, don’t forget to add a few images along with it. This will help people stay engaged throughout your content. And make sure that the quality of the images are good.

This is the biggest social media mistakes people commit, What images can convey, A big written article cannot. Always remember Images attract people to get lots and lots of traction.

9) People tend not to update their accounts regularly

This is a common mistake that people make and it leads to a missed opportunity by you. If you make sure you update good content, then it would do you a world of good. Make sure you have an amazing cover photo which talks about your brand and show people how you are evolving as a brand.

10) Show people your progress

People tend to avoid showing their progress to their audience as they think that it might make them look like a show-off brand, but on the contrary, this gives the audience an idea on how well your brand is doing and if they want to be a part of the progress too. Thus, make sure you write down the number of items sold or something, without sounding like you want to make a sale.

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We hope this post has helped you understand how things work on social media and you will not commit such silly social media mistakes in future. If you have any doubts then you can comment below, we will be happy to help.

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