10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bring Business


Looking for Social Media Marketing Strategies? It’s been a few years since Internet entered our lives and since then the medium has only been booming. The world of internet was soon introduced to Social Media which has now become a very important part of our lives. The medium is considered one of the best marketing tools of digital. With over 3 billion social media users in the world i.e., about 40% of the human population, this marketing is surely ruling everyone’s life. It is very important to implement social media strategies to generate leads and convert them into customers.

Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bring Business

Social Media Marketing Strategies

This clearly implies as to why the smallest or the biggest of the brands need to be present on social media. Be it urban or rural, social media has managed to reach all parts of the world. At this point of time, not being on social media is not even an option you can consider. Be it your target audience or your competitors, they are all there! Did you know? As per the Hubspot reports, 92% of marketers claimed social media as an important tool to grow their business.

You can earn money from Facebook page and groups if you have good number of targeted users whom you can influence and attract to purchase your product or service.

Here are some ways, Users have built a Social Media Marketing Strategies and are utilizing the medium to sell their products or monetize their business:

Social media has a huge potential to bring in business for you. All you need is the right strategy to achieve the desired results. 88% of the businesses who are already using social media have admitted that they still haven’t got the game right.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

They are looking forward to learning more social tactics that can help them increase the awareness for their brand. Here we take you through 10 powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies used by marketers to generate profit for their business:

1) Understand which platform is for your business:

While Facebook has the largest audience on social media, 1.871 billion active users (as recorded by We Are Social in Jan 2017) there are other platforms too which can help you connect with your target group. Each of the platforms has their own unique properties. For instance, Google Plus is Google’s own baby can help in Search Engine Optimization which means increased search results for your brand. Similarly, Twitter is a conversational platform which can help build one-to-one connection with your users. If you feel pictures speak a million words when it comes to your business model, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest cannot be missed upon. For instance, a tourism business is likely to get more attention on these platforms than something like Twitter.

2) Content is the king!

One mistake most businesses do is posting the same content on all social media platforms. While they feel they are maintaining consistency across all the channels, they forget the fact that each platform has its own unique experience. Users come to these platforms for the same and posting the same content across will not help in driving engagement. So, what needs to be done? Tailor the content based on the platform.

For instance, while you post just once a day on Facebook and LinkedIn, use platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to engage more with your audience. Twitter being a conversational platform, you can post multiple tweets in a day as the life of a tweet is barely few seconds.

3) Don’t just sell, even tell…

Every business has a story, that’s what users want to know more. They want to know how you know them well, how you know their likes and dislikes, who is the founder, etc. Just selling your products all the times makes users ignore the USP of the brand and hence they end up unfollowing the brand too. So don’t just sell, businesses need to start telling their stories and get users to share their story too.

4) Increase visual content:

Here’s a fact that will show you the power of video – Did you know? When Facebook introduced the new video feature, it got up to 5 million uploads in the first 24 hours. Short videos are capturing people’s mind on social media. Content aggregators like Scoop Whoop, Storypick, Popxo are making the most of this trend. Facebook’s LIVE feature is proved to help in reaching out to maximum audiences as the minute the brand is live, more than 2% of the audiences get the notification. This results in more assured views.

With the smartphone era, video sharing on any of the platforms has become easy. So make the most of it.

5) Engaging with users through contests and other activities

Who doesn’t like Giveaways? We all love to participate in contests, isn’t it? Conducting contests has proved to be one of the most effective strategies in engaging with the target audience and increase brand awareness. Businesses are making the most of the Share feature and other viral components to ensure increased participation. If you are not doing this yet, it’s high time to get started.

6) Post more educational content:

Who doesn’t like watching informative videos from Tech Insider or read tips & tricks to cure acne? We all do it. Why not use it for your business? Keeping the nature of the brand in focus, you can create informative content which your targeted customers will engage with. This also helps in building trust among the users as they have faith that the business is well aware of the industry.

7) Offers never fail to catch attention

We all have that itch to click where we see the offer or discount button. Let’s not be guilty about it, let’s make the most of it.

8) Mobile marketing is important:

Did you know? As recorded by We Are Social in January 2017, currently 2.549 billion users access social media through their handsets. Hence, it has become increasingly important to get easy accessibility of information at your fingertips. It is as simple as your website adapting to your mobile screen avoiding any side scrolls or having an app for your business.

9) Being responsive:

A brand regardless of small, medium or large needs to have a good customer response team set up. As and when there are queries, it is important that the brands are active and the response time is very short. According to Convince and Convert, users expect a response from the brands within 60 minutes.

10) Connecting with the right influencers:

A lot of brands are getting their products and services promoted through bloggers & celebrity influencers. Through their reach, they are driving traffic to their social media platforms organically.

Social media is maturing every day with new trends and tricks. Businesses need to start going with the trend and up the game to get noticed. Don’t wait, just get started with Social Media Marketing Strategies and grow with us.

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