Top 20 free social media analytics tools you should know about


Looking for social media analytics tools? Here is something you must check out. Well earlier there used to be a time when making social media analytics report used to be a hard task for many internet marketers. But now its quite easy to make an analytics report. Thanks to a bunch of social media analytics tools that helps to get the job done. However, it is also one of the tough tasks to choose the best analytics tool since there are too many tools are available on the internet. And just to help you out we have handpicked some of the best free social media analytics tools. This article will tell you about 20 completely free social media analytics tools. That will help you to get the rights stats of your business. So without wasting any time lets head into the topic. But before we start talking about the tools here is what social media analytics means:

Social media analytics:

Social media analytics is a term where you get to understand the engagements data of your social sites accounts. And you have to make a marketing strategy on the basis of that data.

Best Free social media analytics tools

best free social media analytics tools

1) Buffer :

The buffer is one of the best social media analytics tools that comes with a free plan. With the buffer tool, you can easily track engagements of every post that you share on the social media. To make your experience easier they do adds a post badge when one of your content performs really well.

2) Followerwonk:

The followerwonk app helps you to get a detailed breakdown of your followers and activity. By clicking and entering a twitter username on analytics tab will give you information about your followers. It will also tell you when your followers are online when you actually post and so on.

3) Google Analytics:

The Google Analytics is a great tool to check website traffic. And all the website owners rely on it. However, you can track your social media activity from here. Google Analytics tells you the source of your website visitor.

4) Klout:

The Klout generates a score for you between 0-100 just to make you understand your social media influence. Also, the tool suggests you contents that you can share. You can publish or schedule the contents and improve your Klout score.

5) Audiense:

If you sum up your twitter’s accounts following and follower list and the number comes under 5000. Then the Auidence tool will provide you a free Twitter analytics report. So you can learn and find the perfect time to tweet your contents.

6) TweetReach:

The TweetReach helps you to get a detailed report about your twitter account. About a specific keyword or hashtag. It helps you to learn your Twitter activity, account reach and so on.

7) WolframAlpha Facebook Report:

The Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report tool offers you all the valuable information about your profile and posts.

8) SocialRank:

The Social Rank free plan offers you to manage and analyze your twitter and Instagram followers. The social rank offers you a report that provides a summary of your followers. Popular words in bio, and so on.

9) LikeAlyzer:

The LikeAlyzer tool will analyze your Facebook Page and provide you a report about posts per day. Engagement per post, timing, and length of posts and so on.

10) Quintly:

The Quintly free tool lets you access lets you access the analytics reports for your three Facebook Pages. And offers you the engagements stats and so on.

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11) KeyHole:

The Key hole tool offers you a report about a hashtag. The reports show top posts, engagements, hashtag and keyword tracking and so on.

12) Cyfe:

The Cyfe tool lets you create a custom dashboard that delivers stats from the different social media platforms.

13) ViralWoot:

The ViralWoot is a Pinterest too that comes with an analytics feature and so on. With the tool, You can schedule pins, promote pins, and gain new followers and so on.

14) Klear:

Once you are connected with the  Klear you will get to analyze your profile and followers.

15) Twitter analytics:

The Twitter analytics is a free and official twitter tool. It offers you a 28 days report that includes retweets, mentions, favorites, and clicks. You can even see impressions of each tweet.

16) Facebook Insights:

The Facebook Insights is a free and official tool by Facebook. The tool is available for all the Facebook page owners. The tool offers a report about the posts, your fans, and your reach and so on.

 17) Instagram Insights:

The Instagram Insights is a free Instagram tool. The tool offers you a report about your profile, posts, stories, and ads. It also offers a detailed report about your followers and so on. However to use this feature you have to convert your Instagram profile into a business profile.

18) Pinterest analytics:

Even Pinterest offers an analytics tool. With the Pinterest analytics tool, you can easily see insights of every relevant aspect of your Pinterest marketing.

19) Peakfeed:

The Peakfeed tool offers a simple report with the social media profile stats to your email every week. You can connect three accounts with the tool and along with it, you will get too many other features.

20) Tailwind:

The Tailwind tool is designed for Instagram and Pinterest marketing. The tool allows you to schedule your content monitor conversations, and analyze performance as well you will get so many other features.

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The above listed social media analytics tools not just come with a free subscription. But a few of them also have a premium option. It all depends on your needs and how much data you want. However, I would like to suggest you that before buying a paid subscription of any app make sure you have tried the free version. As not, all the tools come with same features and each of them has a unique feature. That is why it is always better to go for a free subscription at the very first then move to the paid one. Also most of the social networking sights offering their free social media analytics tool so you can even try them if you are looking for a free option.

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