10 Tips On How To Get More Snapchat Friends


Wondering how to get more Snapchat Friends? Well, Snapchat is fun not because of the amazing filters but because of the Snapchat friends. Just in case if you are struggling to get more snapchat friends, Well then here is something you may like to read. We have studied the topic quite well and have come up with ten ways to increase Snapchat friends list.

In the last few years, snapchat have seen an unbelievable growth. Because more and more people have started connecting with each other over Snapchat. Now it is an important social media platform just like Facebook or twitters. But there is no fun on a social media if there are no friends. Friends are the ones who make the platform crazy and makes you addicted to it. But just in case if you do not know or struggling to get Snapchat friend. Then we are here to help you out. So read on and will tell you ten working tips that will help you to get more friends on snapchat.

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10 Tips on how to get more Snapchat Friends:

1. Test The Snapchat App At First:

This is the first step that you need to do before making friends on snapchat. Download the app and understand all the features. Like of anything goes wrong in future then you do not have to feel dumb in front of your friends. So try the app out at first. Then start making friends on snapchat.

2. Connect Your Address Book:

The easiest step to get more friends on Snapchat is to let your friends know about you. Let them know that you are on Snapchat. Now its time to let them know that you are on Snapchat. To do so you can simply connect your smartphone’s address book with the snapchat app. While connecting snapchat with your smartphone’s address book. The app may ask for some permission so just allow all the permission the app is asking. Once you are done you are good to go. This is the easiest way to get more snapchat friends at first.

3. Be Creative:

If you are not creative then trust me you are not going to make lots of friends on Snapchat. Like the people who would connect with you over the platform, they would like to see interesting stories from you. So be creative with your stories and people will connect with you automatically.

4. Share Your Snapchat Username On Facebook:

If you are on facebook, then you can easily convert your Facebook friends to snapchat friends. All you have to do is to ask them to follow you on Snapchat.  You can also post your Snapchat selfies on Facebook. So people will know that you are on Snapchat and you can easily get more friends.

5. Share Your Snapchat Username On Instagram:

Most of the people do not like to use Facebook but they are crazy about Instagram. Just in case if you are too a crazy Instagram user. Then you can ask your Instagram followers to follow you. Just like Facebook you can too post your snapchat selfies over here and grow engagements.

6. Share Your Snapchat Username On Twitter:

If you are hell active on twitter then you can convert your twitter followers into Snapchat friends. Or if you are a social media influencer then you can run twitter ads to grow engagements. By doing so there is a possible chance that you will grow your twitter friends at a rapid speed.

7. Share Your Snapcode:

Snapchat offers you a personal snapcode that you can share on your Social media accounts. Just in case if you have a website you can embed the code over there. If a person wants to add you on Snapchat. All they have to do is to scan the snap code and they will see your profile. That is how a person can add you on snapchat via Snapcode. So do not forget to share your snap code on every possible platform.

8. Post Frequently:

Once you have gained snapchat friends its time to connect with them regularly. So you have to post stories on snapchat frequently. Also if you post frequently your friends will get interested in your stories.

9. Offer A Giveaway:

Everyone loves giveaways right?  So why do not you plan a giveaway for your snapchat friends?. Well just in case if you do not wanna spend on social media ads. You can simply use the giveaway trick. So to do this you have to post status or updates on your social media platform. Asking people to add you on snapchat. And after a couple of days, you will choose a winner who will get a gift from you. Now it completely depends on you, what you want to gift and how you want to do it. This the most smartest idea to get more snapchat followers. However, you also have to have a pretty good engagements on your other social media platform. Just in case if you do not have a great engagement on the other social media platform. Then its time to focus on those social media sites too.

10. Master the Snapchat Features:

By mastering the snapchat features will help you to make your stories more interesting. Also, it will make your snapchat stories more attractive and more and more people will get connected to you. So before doing anything is advisable to learn about the snapshot features. Also, do try to tell a story through the snapchat like if you love to travel then make a story of it using the snapchat features. It will defiantly help you to grow more snapchat friends.

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However, before you start doing anything just remember a few things. Such as you have to be creative and different from others. Be hell active on snapchat also on the other social media platforms. Always try to tell a story through snapchat. All this will surely help you to make more friends also do follow other people to make more and more friends. Be super creative and do not forget to try the app at first.

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