How To Post Instagram Stories : Complete Guide


Instagram Stories : “Social media”, heart of today’s generation. Hardly there will be any human who aren’t using any social media platform. Numerous websites and applications being launched every day for IT companies, students, bureaucrats or say for government purpose.

How To Post Instagram Stories : Complete Guide

The online markets are thus booming, the online e-market business i.e., the drop shipment business related to shopping is expanding so basically, whatever business a person doing online having its great value. Everything is present in our hand by just one click and so time is running with its fastest speed.
Earlier these platforms were used by Government official purposes however, things change with time and gets its importance with time. Primarily, the concern is about the personal data being abruptly used by the giant IT companies for marketing.

Yes! they earn by selling our data to online shops like MYNTRA, FLIPKART, SHOPCLUES, ALIBABA, NYKAA etc, to emphasize their brands thus shows their products on our Facebook and Instagram profile, so here we are the products, but this data is used in ethical way and not to hamper anybody’s privacy.
Apart from knowing these facts there are strong social platform to remain connected to our friends, family members, relatives or with any closed ones. This power to remain close to our dear ones gives immense peace in our lifestyle.

About INSTAGRAM Stories

A well-known and convenient social media platform now-a-days that is trending. Over 800 million users are across the world using this platform to stay connected to their dear ones. So, what is the dissimilarity with Instagram from other social applications.

Well! All these applications are designed for similar purpose however, they have distinct features which make them unlike. Moreover, the filters of Instagram make wonders on a snap and are alluring thus makes you look the best. Insta, in-short is used generally for posting ultimate pictures, thoughts and videos.

Also, user can view the profile of anybody weather a politician, TV celebs, our own friends and people living in various countries if they have an Instagram account Moreover, the daily dose of workout for fitness freaks, interviews of your favourite celebs, cooking tips, magnificent traveling sites, latest tech updates even much more than this, is displayed on Instagram stories which gives best time to us.
To achieve a wonderful experience, then this app is best for you. The optimal use of this platform would be to learn from informative videos posted by visionary people. Also, the trending pictures, latest technology, hidden places snaps being put in a vast number in Instagram by various communities.
So, basically Instagram is a gathering of all sort of people of different communities either of Asian people or American or African all use this fair means to communicate. And how many likes the snap got, how viral the video is going just in a click can be seen in instantly on Instagram.

After providing enough introductory information on Instagram, we will now move further and see how to automatically post Instagram Stories on Facebook. The process is very much easy, all you need to do is follow the steps that are mentioned below and it will be done in a short span of time.
Steps to post Instagram Stories on Facebook:

1) Create a story then press Next.
2) Click to Facebook stories.
3) Click on share stories.

If you don’t want to follow these processes to upload Instagram stories automatically on Facebook, then you need to go to the settings and turn on “auto sharing”, this will be possible only when your account in synchronized with Facebook. Once you turn on this feature, all the Instagram stories you upload will be automatically shared on Facebook.

Let us see how to do that:

1) Go to your profile and click on those 3 lines
2) Choose setting
3) Scroll down and click on story controls
4) Press allow by pushing a button to right side.

By doing so, the snaps every time will automatically appear on your story of Facebook.
The thing for which every Instagram user is bothered to have a huge bunch of followers. Nonetheless, it isn’t easy to get. To achieve one should do something different because the people out there are really exceptional.

Benefits of Uploading Instagram Stories on Facebook:

1) Follower will increase.
2) Being social sometimes is helpful to know what is happening in the world.
3) Your friends will admire your outstanding post.
4) Helps you to be socially friendly with everyone.
5) To promote an advertisement popularity is a must.

There is barely any demerit because it is ethical to promote own profile even for branding or business purpose. During the start of Instagram, we saw a rise of users globally on Instagram for the business, marketing or entertainment purpose.

Final Words on Instagram Stories

So, what are you waiting for now? Follow the above steps of how to post Instagram stories automatically on Facebook, and start increasing your followers. Social media has played a very fair game in making people famous overnight, so if you want to add yourself in that list do something that is creative, unique and loved by people. With advantages, there are many disadvantages too so if you are obsessed with Instagram, don’t be, because focusing on life and settling down is also as important as having fun.
People nowadays are not realizing the time they are wasting on social media platform, so this is just for your awareness, keeping these things aside, create an account on Instagram now if you don’t have one and start posting your stories and show the world what you are doing and what is your daily routine.

The life is very short so do not take it very seriously, go out with your buddies, enjoy your life and don’t get serious. We will soon be back with more interesting topics so till then keep reading our articles, and keep improving your knowledge. Enjoy life to the fullest and have fun with your loved ones. Stay tuned if you love us and contact us anytime for your suggestions or queries!

We hope all your doubts about Instagram Stories are clear and you now know how to play around with Instagram and get more views. Kindly let us know in comment section if you have any doubts. Also keep visiting our website for more latest updates on Social Media

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