10 Ways You Can Overcome Social Media Addiction


Social media addiction is one of the biggest addiction in today’s world. Almost everyone is addicted to this addiction and its somehow affecting many people life. Social media addiction is a growing issue in countries like US, UK.  Social media undoubtedly distracting each and every one of us and it’s getting quite impossible for us to overcome it. Since there are too many things to do over social media. Even a day seems so less to get through all the social media activities. But what if you are badly affected by the addiction and you want to get over from it?.

Well then let me tell you this piece of content going to tell you about the ways to get over from the social media addiction. We have studied the topic and came up with some ways. That can help you to get rid of social media.

10 Ways you can follow to get rid of social media Addiction :

how to get over social media addiction

1.Make a timetable:

You can not get rid of social media at the very first day. So it’s better to make a time table for social usage instead of deleting social media apps. Make a time table for every task that you do. For example, if you are a student then make a time table that includes your study time, TV time and social media time, and outside activities time. Also, try to keep your social media time as low as possible. As well try your best to stick to the plan. At first, it will seem little hard. But as time will go everything will work for you and then you can move to the next steps. So before doing anything make a time table for all of your tasks.

2.Turn off your notification:

Now to stick with your timetable plan. You have to make sure have turned off your notifications and here is how it can help:

Well, for example, if you are studying and you suddenly receive a text from your friend. Then what you will do? replying right? and the chat will start. Now do not let that happen. Simply turn off your notifications and focus on your tasks and stick to the plan. If you stop getting notifications then it will be more easier to focus on the tasks.

3.Figure Out Your Talent:

We all do have a talent inside us. But if you do not know what is yours then try to figure it out instead of spending time on social media. Just in case if you know what actually your talent or hobby is you can spend your social media time on this. It will not just help you to overcome from social media but also it will help you to learn something new. Trust me if you are not learning something new, you are not living a life. So convert your social media time to hobby time.

4.Hang Out With Friends:

Do socialize with people time to time. Make friends and have a conversation with them. It will not just help you to get rid of social media addiction but also it will help you to learn about people.

5.Go For A Vacation:

Many people often choose to go for a vacation whenever they get bored from the social media. Now, you can do the same to get rid of this addiction. Choose a destination where internet is not accessible or the internet speed is really poor. Visit there and try to relax. Also, try to stay away from social media as much as possible.

6.Engage Yourself In Outside Activities:

If you do not want to go for a vacation then its good to engage you in outside activities. Like you can go for shopping with your friends, or you can go for a long drive with your family. Also, you can join a gym and spend time over there or you can go to parties and have some real fun.

7. Make a timetable for Netflix:

Many of us are badly addicted to Netflix. They do not just watch their favorite show but they keep watching every Netflix shows continuously. If you are one of such person then that is the thing you need to change. So to that, you have to stick with your favorite show as well you have to avoid other Netflix series as much as you can. Make a timetable like you are going to spend 3 hours on Netflix and then do some daily tasks. It all depends on how much time you want to spend and how much addicted you are.

8. Try Avoiding Long Phone Calls:

Many of us love to talk over the phone for a quite long time. Just in case if you want to reduce tour phone time then here is the thing you can do. At first, keep your conversations over phone really short. Instead of phone calls try to meet them in a person and make plans for something, maybe for an activity. It will help you to reduce your phone time as will it will help you to overcome from social media addiction.

9. Take a Walk:

Try to take a walk each day. Maybe you can take a morning walk or an evening one. Leave your phone at home and go outside. Take a walk for a limited time and then come back home. it will help you to overcome from social media addiction.

10. Delete Social Media Apps:

Delete your social media apps one by one. For example, if you are active on Twitter Facebook and Instagram. Then delete one of the apps at first. After a few days delete another app and then the last one.


Whatever way you choose just remember it’s not easy and make sure you are not giving up. Follow the steps slowly and soon you will see improvements. Also, try to maintain a timetable and stick to it. Do not ignore the timetable even keep it as the most priority thing. And soon you will get rid of social media addiction. Keep visiting our website Mrpandya for more updates on social media

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