How to Use Quora to Generate Massive Blog Traffic?


If you love to write content, you know that it is pretty hard to get people to see your content. And not just anyone, but it is important to actually get traffic which is of a good quality. Just to take you through it, Quora is a question and answer platform where you would get quality answers to all types of questions.

So how it works is that Quora is a good source of long term traffic. Whatever you may have answered stays here long, and you eventually become someone people can trust if they constantly see you there. But try not to be promotional as this might ban your account. Other things one must keep in mind is to write long answers, with good quality content.

How to Use Quora to Generate Massive Blog Traffic

How to Use Quora to Generate Massive Blog Traffic

On the search bar at the top of the page, you can search for trending topics that you want. Go through the questions people ask, and answer those questions which have more than a 1000 views if you want to grab more eyeballs than usual. Once you start answering questions frequently, Quora will start showing you similar questions. If you write brilliant answers, then people would automatically want to read more of your blogs.

One thing of importance that you must know is that you should put a log of images while you are answering questions. Not only does it make your answers look more appealing but also shows that you’ve invested a considerable time when you wrote the answers. So, the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re using Quora to generate traffic is to continue to answer as many questions as possible and write about different types of topics too. In turn, you would be able to eventually see results, sometimes even in a span of 2 weeks.

Now let’s talk about how one can link their site to their profile. For this, ome can provide a link of their website in their quora profile. You can also add links to your social profile which would make people follow you, making it beneficial for you for a longer time. Next, you should also try to include your domains in your answers in your bios. Since you cannot include a link in your bio, you should mention your domain name as it makes people curious and they will eventually take a look at it.

Another important thing that you should do is link back to your blogs for answers. Its similar to linking between different blog posts only, and here you can link back to the relevant content that you have on your blog directly from the answers that you provide on Quora. And even if most people think that Quora is only used as a question and answer site, you can be different and start even blogging on Quora, as this would help you gain over thousands of additional views for the content from this particular set of people.

Of course, you should not let this replace your main blog, but what you could do is repurpose the content on your blog as well as other platforms that are said to be top content platforms. Content upgrades also encourage your readers to join your list and once these readers are on your list, you would even be able to drive repeat visits.

But, it’s important that your answers have value in it. If you think you can get away with writing a short answer, and trying to fit in your blog link here, then this approach would not work for long. What happens here is that the long and valuable answers go up while your answers slowly trickle down, making your visibility diminish slowly. Rather, what you should keep in mind is that your answers should be credible and sufficient enough so that the questions are answered.

Try sharing all your answers through social media too. This can be through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc as if you do this activity, you’ll easily boost the number of views that your answers have. Once this is done, your answers will gradually rise to the top thereby giving you a good visibility too. And since people already follow you on your social media channels, you would get more followership on Quora through click throughs from your answers.

Try using this brilliant channel for diverting some great and genuine traffic to your blog and trust us, you’ll find some great results in a span of just a few weeks.

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