How To Use Instagram Direct On Desktop PC or Mac


Instagram has become really popular in the social media space, but unlike Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, Instagram doesn’t allow you to use direct messages, or even upload a picture if you log in through your computer. And for all the millenniums who like to work on the computer and simultaneously use Instagram, this poses to be a challenge for them.

Thus, we need to understand how to view your Instagram Direct Messages either on your Personal computer or even if you use a Mac

How To Use Instagram Direct On Desktop PC or Mac

How To Use Instagram Direct On Desktop PC or Mac

1) Firstly, use the Instagram application for windows.

Now you need to know that Instagram has an app on the Windows store that you can download for free, and this lets you send pictures as well as videos directly from your computer. Login here and you would be able to send direct messages through your desktop.

2) The slight downside of this is that it is only available for Windows 10 users and so this might be a drawback for people who don’t have them.

3) Bluestacks Player can be used for windows as well as for Android device. For this you could sign in with your Google account and install Instagram in your virtual Android device.

4) For this you need to download Bluestack from the official website, and once you log in, you would be redirected to the Bluestack dashboard. And just after that, open the Instagram app to login into your account and you’ll be able to send direct messages. The only drawback is that it might make your PC a bit slow due to a few mild bugs.

5) Another way is to use third party applications such as IG:dm which is available for Windows, Linux and even Mac. This is an open source project and it would continue all your direct messages from the phone to your computer.

These are some of the well-known ways to actually use your Instagram messages on the computer directly. So if you’re one of the people who do not like to use their phone but who love to check their Instagram even while working, then using one of these methods might just be perfect for you.

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