How to Schedule Post on Instagram – The Complete Guide


Do you want to schedule post on Instagram? Well, as you know that Instagram has now a days taken the world by storm, and last year they have come up with a great feature where you can easily schedule your posts directly to Instagram. This is beneficial for all those influencers, bloggers and people who love to posts as they wouldn’t have to keep opening the app to find pictures to post daily. They could just schedule it for the same time for the next whole week, and it would save them a lot of time and effort.

How to Schedule Post on Instagram

How to Schedule Post on Instagram

If you want to schedule post on Instagram then you have to convert your personal profile into a business profile first to use this feature. Follow these steps:

1) Convert your profile into a business profile

For converting it into a business profile, all you have to do is click on switch to business profile on your page, and link it to your facebook page. Make sure that your account is public.

2) Use Hootsuite

Add your profile to the social media management tool called Hootsuite. All you have to do is add your Instagram account to the Hoootsuite dashboard. Just tap the profile icon and select social network, and then select your Instagram business profile. Once you connect with Instagram, reauthorize your connection by going to Manage social networks, and just follow the instructions given.

3) Create your posts

Once you go to the Hootsuite dashboard, click on create new posts and select your Insta profile. Then, select the picture that you want to upload and edit it as per your convenience. It’s great to add some nice captions as they attract people to your post. Just a brief of how to create a great post – use some trending hashtags flash some great content and make it user friendly.

If you talk about editing, Hootsuite Business and Enterprise users can use the Approval function to get multiple eyes on a post before it goes public.

4) Scheduling of the posts

Go to the dropdown menu at the bottom and select the option “Publish on Scheduled Date”. This would help you que up the post for a later date. Just do a quick background check and see what is the best time for you to post on Instagram according to your industry, but the great thing is that the scheduler would automatically choose the optimal time as per your followers. Once this is done, just click in the blue button named as Schedule.

5) Publishing of your post

That’s it, and once you schedule your post, you’d be sent a notification on the said date and time.

Just in case you do not have a business profile, the steps are pretty much the same. Connect Hootsuite to your social media management platforms and normally craft your post. Then at the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen, just select publish on select date to que up your post for later. And lastly, you would be receiving a push notification from Hootsuite whenever it’s time to publish.

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We hope all your doubts about how to schedule post on Instagram is clear. You can comment below if you face any issue scheduling your post on Instagram. We will be happy to help.

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