How to repost on Instagram


Instagram as a tool has become really famous amongst the youth of today as they just love clicking pictures and showing them off on social media. Sometimes other people or pages posts your pictures too, which you would love to have on your profile as well.

For that, people usually prefer to repost on Instagram. A lot of people don’t know how this is done, so we’ve come up with a few quick ways which would tell you how to repost a picture on Instagram.

How to repost on Instagram

how to repost on instagram

1) You can use a reposting app like Repost

There are two main applications for this, by the name of InstaRepost as well as Repost for Instagram. All you need to do is select which photo would you like to repost, then click on the Copy Link option. Once you do that, the link gets saved, so all you need to do now is to launch any of these apps, and paste the URL there. Repost & Regram is another app to use to repost photos and videos. The original caption by the one who posted the picture remains the same even after the repost.

2) Take a screenshot of the post

Usually what happens is that people don’t have space on their phones and so they don’t really download applications. In that case, you can just screenshot the other person’s post, and crop the boundaries. Then, you could easily post it on your page and copy the caption of the person who you reposted it from.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the original person’s name needs to be mentioned when you repost. You can of course use your own filters to edit it.

3) You can copy – paste a post’s Share URL

What you could do with this is that you can repost a picture, but not within Instagram. You can use it for re-posting your pictures on either Facebook or Twitter. Just tap on the upper right 3 dots, and click on copy link to do the needful. Then, just go to the site where you want this same picture to show and paste the link. So now, you don’t have to specially credit the author as repost does it for you.

4) Use the post’s embed code

Another really interesting way to repost your whole Instagram picture with the caption on any blog or website is by copying the embed code. Click on Embed from the Instagram post and copy it, and then paste this embed code where HTML is accepted in your blog.

5) Business Reposts

Applications like Iconosquare as well as Websta are such that they would actually cut your reposting time in half, and are well suitable for businesses. It even tracks all the activities on Instagram as well as data for business usage.

Through them you can just send the picture needed on your email, through which you can save the picture. After that, just upload it like a normal picture and you’re good to go.

6) Buffer

Buffer is another application which one could use while posting on Instagram. Similar to other repost apps, you just need to copy the URL and the app will automatically recognize it. The best part about this is that the user can even schedule when to repost and so it becomes much easier for them.

7) Download the Picture

Lastly, the user can even download the picture by using the app DownloadGram. Similar to before, you just need to copy the URL from the Instagram post that you want.

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