18 Sure Shot Ways Make Money On Instagram (0{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} Scam, 100{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} Genuine)


All of you must be fully aware of what Instagram is, since it has gained immense popularity as a social media handle, all over the world. Instagram is a great social media handle, and in just 6-7 years, it has an amazing hold on the market. Right now, it is widely used for sharing photos, and videos, and you could even gain some great amount of money through this amazing app too.

Let us take you through a few steps of what you need to do for your Instagram account to start earning money:

18 Sure Shot Ways Make Money On Instagram (0{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} Scam, 100{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} Genuine)


how to make money from instagram

1) Optimize Your Instagram Account

First and foremost, you need to optimize your Instagram account. The username that you choose needs to be short and crisp, plus alluring to the audience. Your bio forms a very important part of your Instagram account, and it is the place where you could describe yourself shortly. It is also the only place where you could insert a clickable link, so we suggest that you put in a link to your website, or something of great importance which you want people to see.

2) Grow Some Followers

At the start, you need to have at the least a few hundreds of followers as with this some interaction can be expected. And once people start following you, you would be seen more on Instagram and in turn increase the followers. There are many other ways to increase your followers such as you try to follow more people, or create good content so that word of mouth marketing helps you a lot in building your follower base.

3) Hashtags are the key

Create one major hashtag which you would post in most of your photos. This is a great way to build your brand. For example if your name is Jenny, your hashtag could be #jennydiaries. So now, whenever you want to see what are the conversations related to your brand, you can just go and check out the hashtag for the same.

4) Use Hashtags Properly

Now while we are talking about the hashtags, it’s a great idea to actually get creative with them. Even though Instagram might allow you to put 30 hashtags per posts, but it might not be a good idea to do that. In fact, it is recommended to use only 5-10 popular hashtags which might be related to your product as well as your niche.

5) Interact With Your Followers

A great way to earn more followers is to get involved in those conversations which use the same hashtags that you are using. Participate in these conversations which are related to your niche, and even follow these pages. This way, their followers would come and check out your page, in turn building a great brand awareness.

6) Use combination of quotes & images

Do a bit of research before you go and post those captions. Find great quotes which go pretty well with your post. It has been proven that longer captions grab much more eyeballs than one word ones, so try and put a bit more effort in writing these captions, and you would do great. If you write compelling captions, it would encourage your followers to feel invited and they would want to join the conversation too.

7) Create few giveaway contests

The next step is that you need to create some cool and innovative contests by giving out exciting prizes. For this, it would be a great idea to create a specific hashtag. Then decide how you would choose your winners by posting all the rules transparently. Also try to be creative enough so that all the people participating would have an opportunity to earn some money from Instagram as well. Also, you could invite them to join an affiliate program that comes with a prize.

8) Share interesting stories to grab attention

A great way to capture people’s attention is to create really interesting stories. Instagram stories stay for only 24 hours, but it’s a fun way to deliver your message. What you could do is add some moving texts, face filters or geotags so that people could relate to it better.

9) Pickup a theme for your Instagram account and stay consistent with it

You need to make sure that the posts that you are posting need to be styled in the same way so that when the page opens, it needs to look symmetrical and consistent. This way, the followers would be able to correlate with your brand much more and this would help you create the required traction for your brand. You could even ask people to engage with your content.

10) Collaborate with fellow Instagram Influencers

One of the most popular and easiest ways to make money from Instagram is by collaborating with like-minded people. These influencers would have a commission based model, or they might use a pay per post model, but this is the right way to create awareness about your brand. The more the followers of an influencer, the better you could reach people easily and your brand could gain the required popularity.

11) Create engaging content

You need to see if your followers are engaged or not. It is very easy to go and buy followers, but that would not work for long if the levels of engagements are minimal. So do a bit of research and see what is the area in which you would love to delve deep in. follow more people from those particular area, and eventually engaged users would follow you back.

12) Brand will approach you if you are consistent

Once you get a good following for your account, you could also do sponsored posts for your brand which want to get in front of your audience. This way, you could easily become an affiliate and for every post that you make, you would get a great pay. Be a great influencer by being a trendsetter for your followers, or maybe someone that they look up to.

13) Sell your own products or Affiliate profucts

The types of things that you could do is that you could either sell a physical product, or a digital product for that matter. Photography is also really popular now a days, and you could sell your photography through via Instagram at great prices. Create great content so that brands start trusting you.

14) Don’t quote too much!

Once you start being an influencer, it is important to know how and what you need to charge for your posts. This would be different in the case of a video, a photo or just a product post. You need to know that these deals are negotiable. You can post a picture in exchange of a promise of exposure, probably a service or a gift, or maybe an exchange fee for the photo that you have posted.

15) Understand your audience

It’s important to study the type of audience that you have. When you switch to a Business account, you would get an insight of how your posts are doing, what is your engagement levels, and what time of the day should you post it so as to get the highest levels of engagements. After studying your business analytics of your Instagram account, you would get a better understanding of how to go about it.

16) Approach Brands

Now, if you’re big enough, brands would automatically come and find you. But if not then you can start approaching them yourself. Think of which brands connect with your audience the most. You could send a shout out to your audience, or probably list yourself in the Grapevine market to get more opportunities to work with like-minded people. Indashash is another great place where brands put up campaigns that you could participate in.

17) Sell Products from Aliexpress

Become an affiliate and be more interested in making a sale for the brand, rather than just promoting the content. Post coupon codes and promo codes, and ensure that all the clicks are translated into great sales numbers.

18) Open online store

Lastly, what you could do is open your own online store and you could probably sell e books or design templates or probably any item of your liking. Thus, what started out as a hobby for you can easily gear up for you to make loads and loads of money.

Thus, we could see that Instagram as a platform has become really popular, and it is the right time for you to use this amazing platform for your Business purposes. Start creating innovative ways to pick up more followers, as well as to develop crazy content. Go for silly photoshoots, or click a picture of your food every time you go out with some great captions. Or probably whenever you travel, click some great travel pictures to post.

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Just get a good camera though because blurry pictures do not work really well here. But apart from that be a style icon so that brands start relating with you. And explore not just one domain but different ones such as beauty, travel, lifestyle, blogging, food etc. Trust us, these are the main ones that people relate with pretty easily. And once you are right there in the market, then you would easily get money for your posts. Moreover, brand would even call you for their events and take you for some great trips so that you could promote these guys. It’s an exciting and fun way to make money, so you should go for it right away!

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