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Believe it or not, “How to earn money online in India” is the most common question searched by thousands of people every day. However, when it comes to the answer to the question, most of the answers sound stupid.

So the question How to make money online in the easiest way possible? Well if you have this question in your head. Then in this article, we are going to share a mega article about it. We will try to include every possible way to make money online in India. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How To Earn Money Online In India

How To Earn Money Online In India

1)Start A Blog:

One of the popular ways to earn money online in India is to start with a blog. Nowadays starting a blog is super easy and it does not cost you much. You can easily start a blog by spending around Rs.1000 on Domain and Web Hosting, and you are all done.

After that, you have to regularly write about some topics and optimize your website for traffic. Once you have the traffic, you can easily monetize the blog using Ad Networks like Google Adsense, and so on.

However, earning with a blog is not an overnight game. It takes lots of time and patience. As well as you should have the capability to learn something new every day.

In order to give you a better understanding on starting a blog, here are a couple of steps that you need to follow:

Decide a topic to write on your blog:

First of all, you need to decide a topic that you will talk about on your blog. Most of the users basically choose technology.

But you can stand alone and write about Finance, Sports, iOS and so on. Just find out your area of interest and build a blog on it.

Purchase a Domain:

The domain is the URL of your website. For example, or is a domain name. In order to start your blog, you need to discover a name and register a domain name.

To register a domain, you can use websites like,, and others to register a domain name.

Purchase Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is another essential element of your blog. Web Hosting is the thing which will host all your files online.

A good web hosting can cost you between Rs.100 to Rs.500 per month. However, there are lots of cheap options are also available which works pretty well.

Get Started With WordPress:

WordPress is one of the best CMS or content management system for any blog. Even without it creating a blog can be a hectic task.

However, getting started with it is super easy. Almost all the web hosting companies do offer WordPress along with their hosting. All you have to do is install WordPress on your Web Hosting, and you are good to go.

After that, you have to do some WordPress settings, install a bunch of plugins and a nice theme. Once you are done doing everything, you are all set to BLOG.

2) Start A YouTube Channel:

start youtube channel to make money online

In the present time starting a youtube channel is considered as one of the top sources to earn money online. There are already lot of YouTube creators who are earning a passive income just by uploading videos.

In blogging where you have to write articles and publish it but on YouTube you just to have to make videos.

Just pick up your camera and shoot some engaging contents and upload it on YouTube. And soon YouTube will allow you to monetize your videos with Ads.

However, before you go ahead and pick up a camera. Here are a couple of steps that you need to follow to start a youtube channel:

Decide a Topic:

First of all, you need to decide what type of videos you are going to upload on YouTube. Well comedy, How to videos, Music videos are the top categories on YouTube. But you can obviously stand aside and do something on YouTube.

Think Of A Unique YouTube Channel Name:

Whenever you are on YouTube, people are going to know you for your YouTube channel name. Hence you should be creative with it.

You should think of a name that describes your channel content as well as it helps you to make your own image.

Create A YouTube Channel:

Creating a youtube channel is easy. All you need is a Google Account, and most probably you have one too.

Just head over to and follow all the steps to create a youtube channel.

Once you are all done. Simply start shooting engaging videos and upload them on a regular basis. Also do promote your videos as much as you can. Once you have a decent number of views on your youtube channel, you will be able to make money.

You can checkout our detailed article on How To Make Money From YouTube where we have explained all the steps to generate part time income and then convert it into full time business.

3) Make Money with Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the best ways to earn money online. It is more like an online retail shop. Even getting started with it is super easy.

Popular websites like and has their affiliate program. And all you have to do is simply sign up on them.

After that, you have to promote whichever product you want to. You can promote the products via your website, your social media accounts or via your YouTube Channel.

But the question is what the earning source is? Well, every time someone purchases the product via your link. You will get paid a small amount as a commission. Different websites and products have a different commission rate.

Even there are quite a lot of people who are earning a passive income every month just through the affiliate.

Checkout our step by step guide to Make Money From Amazon Affiliate and generate part time income. After working on Amazon affiliate niche for some months you will be able to get hands on with it and get better sales.

4) Drop Shipping:

How to Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping

Drop shipping is one of the recent trending earning method that used by millions of people around the globe. It is a retail fulfilment method where an online store does not store any product under their business.

Instead, they list products on their website and promote them. Moreover, when a customer places an order of the product. The store owner purchases the product from a third party store and ships it to the customer’s address.

You can easily set up your online website using Shopify and get products from the Just choose the gift wrap option while placing an order and it will do the job.

Get best tips on How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping. This is a detailed article listed on Mrpandya which will help you understand the whole process of Dropshipping in detail

5) Buy And Sell Domain Names:

Believe it or not, a brand-able domain name could cost anywhere between $500-$5000 easily. Plus there is no rocket science behind it to get started with this.

If you are creative enough to think of amazing domain names, then you can easily make millions from it. All you have to do is think about brandable domain names and register them.

After registering the domain names, you can simply list the domain names on websites like and However listing on these websites is not free, so make sure you have a good budget before jumping into this business.

6) Make Money Using Udemy:

Udemy is one of the top places where you can buy and sell different courses. The website has millions of users around the globe.

However talking about the money making hack with Udemy, Well Udemy allows you to put courses on their website. Every time someone purchases your course, you get paid.

All you have to do is sign up for Udemy’s become an instructor program. After that, you need to choose a topic. In the end, make a course for the topic and upload it.

However, at the beginning of your Udemy career, you have to promote your course by yourself. Also, your primary goal should be to bring traffic. Once your course is getting a decent traffic, Udemy will start promoting your course on your behalf.

7) Freelance writing:

become freelancer and earn money

Are you good at writing? Well if you are creative enough to write some unique blog articles. Then you can work as a freelance content writer.

You can write articles or contents for popular blogs, publications or companies. And in return, you will get paid for your work.

However, there is no surety how much you are going to make with Freelance writing. Since it differs from person to person. Plus how much experience you have. But you will surely get a passive income by writing articles.

Now the question is where to get Freelance writing projects?

For this, you can try out websites like,, and so many other sites.

You can also directly contact favourite websites with your content writing pitch. Most of the blogs often look for content writers and if you are creative enough to do the job. You can simply pitch them a proposal, and you will get some projects to work on.

8)Design your own t-shirts:

Are you good at t-shirt designing? Well if your answer is yes, then you can start a t-shirt business online.

There are so many people out there who love to wear customized t-shirts or funky t-shirts. Even if you look around, there are so many websites who are already doing it.

Even getting started with it is not that hard. You can make some t-shirts designs and print them from a t-shirt manufacturer.

Then you can either set up your own ecommerce website (which is not a hard job) or list the T-shirts on Amazon.

After that, do a little bit of social media marketing. Then if people really get interested in what you are selling, then you will be able to make this business an instant hit.

9) Flip Products:

Do you know the fact that you can easily purchase lots of amazing products at a cheap price?

Well, websites like aliexpress or Alibaba sells so many products at a cheap price. Like you can get Bluetooth earphones, smartphone chargers, toys, clothes and so many other things at a cheap price.

So all you have to do is purchase these products in bulk and import it to India. After that simply list the products on websites like eBay or Amazon, and you are all done.

However, whenever you are starting the business, you will need a good amount of budget. But if you do it in the right way, then making millions is not that hard.

10) Become An App Developer:

become app developer

If you are a highly skilled coder, who can easily make Android apps. Then there are lots of options are available for you.

For example, you can code android apps and upload them on Google Play Store and earn revenues from displaying advertisements. Even there are lots of people who are doing it by making simply learning apps, story apps, cooking apps and so on.

Even if this does not work for you, then you can simply set up your android app development company. And offer the people affordable android apps for their business.

11) Create an online course:

create online course to earn money

Apart from Udemy, you can also sell online course individually. Talking about the difference between selling courses on Udemy and selling courses individually is that:

Udemy asks you to make videos, and not everyone is great at it. Some people can be good at writing. In such cases, Udemy does not seem a useful option.

However, what if you simply go ahead and create an online course and sell it individually. You can create a course on an engaging topic and make a website for it. After that, you can use social media advertisements to promote your product. Or you can simply list them on Amazon as a Kindle ebook.

12) Launch Your Startup:


A startup is the most trending thing from the last couple of years, and almost everyone’s doing it. Starting a startup may seem a tough job to do.

However, it is completely not, in fact, all it takes is little effort and research. In order to start a startup, you can simply look at the market and try to solve a problem.

Alternatively, you can develop an online tool that is very useful. Once you have your product, the next step that you have to take is making a revenue plan. Then market your product, and you will soon get customers for your product and earn money with it.

13) Work Remotely:

work remotly to earn money online

There are so many companies out there who often look for freelancers to join their company. Even finding them is not that hard.

However, in order to get one of such remote jobs, you have to be highly skilled at something. For example, you need to be a great graphics designers, a great coder or an awesome WordPress developer.

If you do believe that you are good at any of these. Then there are so many companies, and startups are waiting for you. You can work with them online using different communication tools and so on.

However, the question is how to find one of such jobs? Well just to make this task easy for you. We have handpicked a couple of websites for you where you can find remote jobs. Just go through this list to find some remote jobs:

  • Flexjobs Remotive
  • Working Nomads
  • Jobscribe
  • Remote OK
  • Virtual Locations
  • Jobspresso
  • We Work Remotely
  • Landing.Jobs
  • WFH.IO
  • Skip the Drive
  • Europeremotely
  • Outsourcely
  • PowerToFly

14) Become an Influencer on Instagram:

instagram influencer

Have you ever thought of making a career with Instagram? Well, it is easier than you think. There are lots of social media influencers out there who charge a hell lot of money just to post a photo on their profile.

Sounds odd, but this is the truth. Gone are those days when advertisers used to spend all their money on TV Ads and other Ad Networks. Nowadays most of the advertisers choose people like us to promote their products.

But the question is how to get started with it? Well becoming an Instagram Influencer is not that easy. There are multiple things that you need to take care of before any brand approaches you.

For example, you should upload quality and well edited photos. You have a good number of followers on your Instagram account, and you are getting high engagements on your posts.

Also, make sure you are using lots of tags in your profile. Plus your main goal should be to come in the trending section of Instagram.

Once you have a well maintained Instagram page, you can go ahead and approach brands for sponsorship.

15) Sell your photos:

become a photographer

Do you have a decent camera with good photography locations? Well if the answer is yes. Then you can easily make lots of money by selling your images.

There are so many websites out there who often need lots of original photos for their projects. So why not help them by clicking some great pictures?

Sounds great right? However, the question is how to do it?

Well, there are quite a lot of websites are available online which pays you for your photos. All you have to do is upload your images, and every time someone purchases the photo you get paid.

Also to make this job easy for you, here is a list of a couple of websites that pays you for your photos:

  • Fotolia
  • Alamy
  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • iStockphoto

We have created a Youtube Video on how to earn money online in India only for you. Checkout the video below which has some amazing tips.

16) Get into website design:

Love to make websites or know how to design one?

If your answer happens to be a year, then you have found yourself some great earning opportunities. There are so many companies and people out there who are looking for people who can help them with their website development needs.

So you can easily earn a good amount of cash by helping them out. There are quite a lot of websites like, and often releases lots of freelancing job opportunities.

All you have to do is create an account on these websites and look for job opportunities. If you find any job, simply go ahead and apply for it by writing a great pitch. If the job poster gets interested in your profile, then there is a high chance that you could earn a hell lot of money.

17) Search the Web TO Earn Money:

Do you know the fact that you can even make money for searching the internet?

Well, it may sound little stupid, but this is the truth. Even getting started with it is super easy. There are so many companies out there who want to know how people browse the internet on a daily basis. Even they are willing to pay for this kind of information.

To make this job easy for you, there are so many websites are available where you can just sign up and make instant money. All you have to do is fill up surveys, watch videos, and browse different websites and do other tasks.

Some of the popular websites for this are:

  • Swagbucks
  • Qmee
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Microsoft Rewards

18) Create A SAAS Application:

SAAS stands for Software As A Service. In this way, you basically have to build software or a platform. However, doing it is not an easy task.

However, if you are creative enough to think of a product that people would buy on a monthly or yearly basis. Then you are going to make long lasting money.

To start a SAAS business, you can also find an investor. Alternatively, you put your own money and bootstrap the product and make people buy it.

Overall, it will be a long process. But if you do it the right way, then you are going to make millions easily.

For example, popular entrepreneur Neil Patel made a million dollar company at the age of 22 by just creating a SAAS application.

19) Become a Coder:

become a developer to earn money

Are you good at programming? Solving different real-time problems with coding is your hobby?

If you are saying a yes inside your head. Then you can easily work as a coder online. You can easily take up a coder job and work with different companies and startups online.

In order to get a job, you can try out websites like and

Alternatively, there is this website called which pays you money for every challenge that you solve. They usually get clients from different sources and make the freelancer coders do it, and in return, they pay them a commission.

20) Buy Products Offline And Resell Them Online:

This is one of the simplest ways to make money. If you live in a place where you can find branded products at a low price.

Then you can simply buy those products and list them online at a higher price. This is something similar to the above mentioned flip products idea.

But, in this case, you are going to buy products from your local market. However, when it comes to selling the products, the idea is the same.

You can create your own ecommerce website using Spotify or WordPress. Alternatively, you can list the products on websites like Amazon or eBay. Then run social media ads to promote it.

21) Create Whiteboard Videos:

Whiteboard videos are great for marketing online campaigns. Even there are so many companies who are looking for people who can turn their script into whiteboard videos.

Even getting started with this is super easy. All you have to do is purchase a whiteboard video maker software. After that, you can simply create a Fiverr gig and list your services.

Now if someone gets interested in your projects, then you will get paid for making a Whiteboard video.

22) Get Paid For Playing Games:

What If I tell you that you could make money for playing games?

We do agree the fact it sounds stupid. However, it is not. In fact, it is one of the best ways to earn money online in India. Their are 1000’s of people who make money for playing games.

There are so many game developers out there who look for real players to test their games and pays the gamers for it. But the question is how to get such job opportunities?

Well getting such job opportunities is also a super easy job. Just go ahead sign up on websites like InboxDollars, PaidGamePlayer, and others to get such opportunities.

23) Sell Banners Ads:

If you can start a blog and get daily 1000 to 2000 unique visitors. Then there are lots of opportunities are available for you.

First of all, you can easily earn lots of bucks by displaying ads. But at the same time, you can put paid banner ads on your website.

Also to find banner ads for your website you can try websites like BuyAndSell.

24) Sell unused products on OLX:

Olx is a great place for selling second hand products. However, do you know the fact that it can also help you to earn a passive income each month?

Believe it or not, it is possible to do. Look around your home and find products that you can sell online. You can sell things like unused computer parts, monitors, old mobiles.

Even you can ask your friends for their unused stuff and list them online. If you get a sale for that listing then simply eat up a commission on the product.

25) Invest in Share Market:

Investing in share market is one of the popular answers to your question that says How to earn money online in India. Almost everyone is trading stocks at the present time.

However, getting started with share market can seem a tough job for money. For example, you will need a decent amount for investment. Then you will need a trading and a demat account. Also, you may need help from a broker.

Moreover, you will need a hell lot of knowledge about share market. However, when it comes to gaining knowledge you can easily do it by reading books or watching online videos.

26) Trade in Cryptocurrency:

earn money from bitcoin

Trading in Cryptocurrency is also a great way to make money online. It is kind of similar to share market where you have to spend money. But it is quite easier than share market.

But you should remember the fact that it will not give you an overnight success. Also before you go ahead and make your first investment, you need to have a good knowledge of blockchain.

However, if you are wondering where to trade in cryptocurrencies. Then here is a list of a couple of platforms that you can try out:

  • Zebpay
  • Koinex
  • Bitbns
  • Buyucoin

27) Make Short Links:

Short links are also a great way to earn money online. For this, you do not need to create any website or blogs. Even you can make money with your social media platforms.

All you have to do is short links and share them on social media platforms. Now everytime someone clicks on your link you will get paid a small amount.

In order to short links, here are a couple of websites that you can try out:

  • linkshrink
  • dwindly

28) Buy And Resell Websites:

There is this website called Flippa that offers you the opportunity to buy amazing and profitable websites at a low price.

You can buy one of those websites and make a profitable blog. Alternatively, you can resell them on different social media sites. Or you can simply list them again on Flippa.

However, this business needs a hell lot of investments. Plus you will need enough knowledge to find out some profitable websites. Else you will end up losing your money, and you will not be able to make any money from it.

29) Create a Facebook Meme Page:

Meme pages on Facebook may seem stupid or idiotic. But they earn a huge amount of money each month. Facebook has this feature called Instant Articles, where you have to post articles and make Facebook will let you earn money for this.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. First of all, you will need a large number of likes on your page. Also, you should produce contents that attract the users and make them click on your post.

Once you have both of these simply setup instant article for your page and you are good to go.

Checkout complete guide on How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page and How To Earn Money From Facebook Page. A lot of people are making a living out of Facebook get tons and tons of traffic on their website through Facebook Pages.

You can checkout out Facebook page dontgetserious which has 1 Million likes. It took us 2.5 years to reach this mark and we are still growing.

30) Start A Web Hosting Business:

Web hosting business is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online. However, in order to get into this business, you need to make lots of investments.

Also, you should have proper knowledge about different things related to web hosting management. Once you have the knowledge, you can simply create a website and purchase reseller hosting and set up your business.

After that use social media platforms to promote your business and bring customers.

31) Create a forum:

Forums are a pretty great platform to share knowledge and communicate with other users on the internet. It helps us to discuss on a specific topic with the other users.

However, you can use a forum to earn money as well. You can create a forum based on a popular topic. After that, you have to share valuable knowledge on your forum. Then make people join your forum and make some of the forum features as a premium features.

Now whenever someone wants to access those premium features, they have to pay for it. It is a lengthy and complicated process. But it is a worthy idea to give a try.

32) Handle Social Media Accounts:

social media to make money online

If you are creative enough to create social media campaigns, then there are lots of opportunities are available for you. There are lots of brands who often look for people who can handle their social media accounts.

Even to get started with this, you do not need a great marketing certificate behind your name. You can just go ahead and pitch different brands about your idea and why they should hire you.

However the process is not easy, but if you manage to get a job, then you will earn a really good amount of money each month.

Get tips on How To Verify Facebook Page in simple steps.

33) Become a Snapchat Influencer:

snapchat influencer

Just like the Instagram, you can also try becoming a Snapchat Influencer. All you have to do is get a hell lot of followers who are interested in your stories.

After that, you can promote different affiliate products via your Snapchat stories and earn money from it. Alternatively, you can collaborate with some brand and promote their product via your account.

34) Use Twitter:

Twitter can also be a great place for you to make money. You can tweet about different deals on a daily basis along with your affiliate link.

Now every time someone gets interested in the deal and make a purchase through your link. You will get paid.

However, for this, you need to focus on getting genuine followers and engage with them from time to time.

35) Use Reedit To Drive Visitors:

No there is no direct way to earn money via Reedit. However, you should be aware of the fact that Reddit is a traffic mine that can easily boost up the earning of any website displaying advertisements.

All you have to do to get started with Reedit is you need to have a specific niche website. After that, you have to post valuable information about that niche on Reedit.

Now if the reedit users get interested in your product, then they will visit your link. Also for better visibility, you should focus on getting maximum upvotes on your posts. Else this will not work for you.

Also, do not try to sell yourself on Reedit just to get visitors. Since Reedit users do not like spammers so they will downvote your product and you will be lost in the ocean of other reedit posts.

Instead be specific about a topic and share some valuable knowledge. For example, suppose you have a website about Bitcoins, then you can share recent news on Reedit to get a bunch of visitors on your blog.

Moreover, when you get visitors on your website, it opens up the opportunity for you to make money via Advertisements.

36) Do Manual Jobs Online:

The internet is filled with different job opportunities which can pay you anywhere between $5 to $50 for a basic task.

You can fill captchas, install softwares for someone else, edit images, do homework and so on. Even getting one of these jobs are super easy as well.

Simply head over to websites like Fiverr and look for the job postings.

After that simply apply for one by writing a great pitch. That’s it, do this a couple of times, and you will surely get a job for yourself.

37) Become a SEO Expert:

rank website from SEO and earn money online

There are so many people who pay a hell lot of money for SEO experts. In today’s time becoming an SEO specialist is a great career. Since it helps companies to build their online presence.

Also learning SEO is not that hard. There are lots of free and paid courses are available for you from where you can learn. Then simply implement whatever you have learned on your blog to find working methods.

Once you have a good enough knowledge about SEO. You can start giving different companies and people your services and earn money on the go.

We have listed down 100+ advanced SEO Questions which will help you become expert and get a job easily.

Conclusion on how to earn money online in India:

So that was a list of all the possible ways to your question that says “how to earn money online in India.” Now it is your call to go ahead and try them out. We have listed both free and paid ways to earn money online, and almost all the ways will help you to earn a passive income.

However, before choosing any of the ideas, do your research and stick to it. Anyway, if you have any more questions to ask then feel free to comment below.

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