How to download Facebook Data


As you know, Facebook has a lot of data of you stored in their database. In case you require this data, it is easy for you to download the archive of all the data stored by Facebook about you. All you need to do is follow the required steps and you would be able to get your own archive of all the data.

How to download Facebook Data

How to download Facebook Data

1) Firstly, you need to log into Facebook and you’ll see a click down triangle icon. Go to this and choose settings.

2) In the general settings page, all you need to do is click the last item which is technically a link which would download a copy of your data.

3) The data collection might take a while, so click on start My Archive.

4) Again on the next page, click on Start my archive again and then wait for a notification which will tell you that it’s been done.

5) Then there would be a download button. Click on that and your Facebook Archive will be downloaded.

In this whole process, you would have to put in your Facebook password twice as this information is very sensitive. Facebook would also be warning you that you need to protect your downloaded data, because it could contain confidential information about you.

Next, as soon as you unzip the downloaded archive, you would find a folder which has a file by the name of INDEX.HTM and apart from that you’ll have other folders named photos, messages and videos etc which you need to ignore and just launch INDEX.HTM. You’ll get to see your full profile page with the general information about your account, when you started Facebook as well as gender, where you live etc and all this information you would be able to see easily no matter if your profile is private or public. Not just that, it’ll give you the list of groups you are in too.

Thus, if you follow these steps, you would be easily able to download all your Facebook data and keep it in a safe form with you probably in a folder in your laptop.

We hope all your doubts about How to download Facebook Data is solved now, If you have any queries, then comment below, we will be happy to help you.

Note : It is very important to download Facebook data for security reasons and backup purpose.

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