How To Delete Skype Account The Right Way


Are you searching for how to delete Skype account the right way? Well, As you know Skype is a tool which helps people speak to each other over a video call. It is one of the most used application by people whose loved ones have shifted to other states/countries.

How To Delete Skype Account The Right Way

How To Delete Skype Account

Firstly, you need to sign in on in your browser.

After that, you go to your account settings, which you would find under the Settings and Preferences heading. Unlink your Skype from your Microsoft account. Just in case the option says Not Linked, then you can directly proceed to the next step. As soon as the confirmation message appears, click on continue, and this will automatically unlink from your Microsoft account.

Just in case you have any subscription plan going on, cancel it from the blue bar. You should get a refund too as now is a good time before your account vanishes.

Some people even purchase a Skype number to ring each other. So, this you need to close by clicking on Skype Number in Manage Features and cancel the Skype number option.

Just in case you have opted for a payment option in which the balance falls below a certain level, click on the Disable button which you will find under the auto recharge tab.

After all, this, contact the customer care of Skype and tell them that you would want to close your account.

A few things to keep in mind to delete Skype account

Once you delete Skype account, all the data in it gets deleted too. Thus you would not be able to retrieve your account or the data in it.

It takes 30 days for your Skype name to disappear.

Before the 30 days have passed, remove all the information that shows on the profile so that people do not find you easily in that time.

We hope all your doubts about how to delete Skype account was solved in this tutorial. Keep visiting our site for regular updates on Social Media and Tech stuff. Kindly comment below if you face any difficulty on deleting your Skype account.

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