How to Delete Instagram Account – Deactivate Your Instagram Account


Instagram is a platform behind which the youth is going crazy and spending hell lot of time. They can’t even imagine life without social media and it is a fact. But some are there who have realized that spending much time on social media can be a disadvantage for them and they are looking for sources that can help them with the deleting or deactivating process of Instagram account.

delete instagram account

So, are you the one who is looking for the process of how to delete Instagram account? If the answer is yes, then you have landed at the correct place. This tutorial will tell you how to deactivate Instagram Account permanently..

No wonder Instagram offers many amazing pictures and allow us to share as many pictures as we want but still what we share are our private pictures and other personal stuff, anyone can misuse it and the destruction has been started already. It is recommended that if you are using Instagram, do not forget to keep your account private and accept the request from those people only whom you personally know.

Talking about the features, it has amazing ones such as:

  • Go live.
  • Create boomerang.
  • Share pictures with only close friends.
  • Nametag
  • Superzoom

And many more. Coming to the main point, below is the steps of how to Deactivate Instagram account Permanently.

How to Delete Instagram Account?

how to deactivate instagram account

Follow the steps:

1) Open your Instagram account and visit the “Delete Your Account Page” section in settings.

2) On that page you need to enter your email address and password again.

3) After landing on that page, you will see the list of various options that are the reason of why you want to delete the account.

4) Choose the reason and enter your password again. By entering the password again, you confirm that you are stuck to your decision and want to delete your Instagram account no matter what.

5) Once you are done with entering your password, click on “permanently delete my account”.

6) After clicking on that option, you will successfully delete your Instagram account.

The account cannot be recovered so make sure once you decide to delete it, take the backup of all the pictures and keep it with you. If sometime you want to use Instagram again, you need to make new account.

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It is not only about social media, addiction to any thing is not good, it does not matter it is an online platform or anything else. You should use everything in a limit otherwise you will suffer through a lot.

We hope all your doubts about how to delete Instagram account is solved. Kindly comment below if you face any issue regarding account deletion on Instagram. We are sure you would not like to delete your account as it takes lot of time and efforts to create and maintain an account but for some circumstances you have to delete it. So follow the above given steps and get rid of your Insta account quickly.

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Life is short, so don’t get serious and explore as much as you can.

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