How to Delete Facebook Messages, Delete Messenger Messages Quickly


Ever wondered how to delete Facebook messages? Their might come a time when you want to delete messenger messages quickly so that your loved ones don’t find out that you are still talking to your ex, or you just want to get rid of all the past things that you shared with your ex so in that can you have to delete Facebook messages to move on.

You can delete a single message from both desktop and Facebook mobile app, but remember that the message will get deleted only from your account and not from the person you are talking to.

Today we are going to guide you on how to delete Facebook messages quickly and permanently.

How to Delete Facebook Messages from FB mobile App

How to Delete Facebook Messages, Delete Messenger Messages Quickly

Facebook messenger App is the best and quickest way to stay connected with your friends from around the world. You can reply then in minutes of receiving a message from your smartphone quickly but their might be some secret conversation that you might want to delete, get rid or never want to see again.

Follow the below given steps to delete messenger messages quickly

1) Open Facebook messenger app and login to it.

2) Go to the conversation that you want to delete.

3) Just tap and hold on the conversation.

4) A small message will popup with 4 options ( Delete conversation, Mute, More & Cancel)

delete facebook messages

5) Now click on delete conversation and you are good to go.

6) The message has been deleted.

How to Delete Facebook Messages from Computer

If you are using your laptop/desktop to use Facebook then follow the given steps to delete Facebook messages quickly and easily.

1) Login to Facebook with your email id or phone number.

2) Click on Messenger icon between friends request and notification button.

delete facebook messages quickly

3) Now a drop down will appear where you will find option SEE ALL IN MESSENGER.

4) Click on it.

5) You will see all the messages and chat conversation with your friends you have done till now.

6) You can delete a particular message from the conversation by clicking on the three dots next to the message. check below screenshot to understand the complete thing.

delete conversation message on facebook

7) You will see a popup with a message ( Are you sure you want to delete this message?)

delete facebook message from desktop

8) Click on delete. The desired message will get removed from the conversation.

9) If you want to delete the whole conversation from desktop then take your mouse cursor to the name of the person whose chat you want to delete permanently.

10) You will see settings icon, click on it

facebook message delete

11) You will see multiple options like Mute, Archive, Delete, Mark as unread, spam, ignore, block.

12) Just click on delete and the messages will be deleted.

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We hope now you have no doubts about how to delete Facebook messages, delete messenger messages quickly. Let us know below in the comment section if you find any difficulty in deleting messages on Facebook.

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