How to Create Snapchat Ads in Snapchat Ad Manager


Just like any other social networking website or application Snapchat is also one of the popular platform to connect with more people. However its not only about connecting with more people, Snapchat also allows its users to grow their business on the platform. However as we know to grow any business online ads plays a significant role. Just in case if you are wondering how you can grow your business using the Snapchat ads. Well then this post is here to help you out with the ads on snapchat. So lets just head into the topic without wasting any time.

However, before we head into the topic here are a few things that you need to know:

  • What is Snapchat Ads?
  • Benefits of Snap Ads?

Now let’s explain this both questions one by one.

Snapchat Ads – What it is?

How to Create Snapchat Ads in Snapchat Ad Manager

In simple words the snap chat ads are a ten seconds long video that comes in a vertical and full screen format. For example if you want to get more views to your youtube channel. The you can simply make a 10 second long video ad on snapchat. Now whenever a snapchat user will see your ad they can simply swipe up and land to your youtube channel. Its like you have to embed links under the video ads. By doing advertisement on snapchat you can easily get more installation for your app, or get more views on your website. It all depends how you actually want to use the advertisement platform. The snap ads appears between two friends stories and offers you more engagements.  So just head into the snap add platform and check out all the features that the snapchat is offering.

Benefits Of Snap Ads:

There are three top benefits of the snap ads which helped snapchat to be a great place for internet marketers. Hers is an explanation of all the three top benefits of snap ads:

Active yet large number of users: There are more than 166 millions of users who use snapchat on daily basis. According to a report more the active users spend 30 minutes daily on the platform by using the app 18 times a day. Now this is undoubtedly a huge number of users that can help a business grow. So just in case if you are thinking to publish ads on snapchat do consider the user base.

Only Snapchat Users: According to a report there are quite a lot of users who do not use any other platform like facebook, twitter, and Instagram along with snapchat. So the question is how to reach to them?. The answer is simple if they only exist on snapchat then you should reach them by using the snap ads.

Powerful reach: Snapchat data includes data from the Oracle data cloud. That simply helps you to reach snapchat users based on their demographics. As well you can reach to them by their online and offline interests. You can also reach your customers using your own data and research.

Now lets head into the topic of creating a snapchat ad.

How to Create Snapchat Ads in Snapchat Ad Manager:

However, before we create an ad on Snapchat you will be needing a Snapchat Advertising Platform account. So to get the account, you can simply visit to this following web address: and sign yourself up.

After signing yourself up you are good to go to the next step. On the next step, you have to choose a campaign for your ads. You can choose between

  • Drive traffic to my website
  • Drive installs of my app.
  • Grow awareness
  • Drive views to my video

Select any of the above mentioned campaigns. After selecting a campaign you have to set a schedule for your campaign. Like if you want to run the campaign immediately? Or you want to set a start and end date for the campaign. Choose the best option the suits your need. Here you can also check the status of your campaign. Like the campaign is active or paused.

Now its time to name the ad campaign. Name whatever you like. For example, if you are running Snapchat ads for a client then you can simply name the campaign according to your client name. It will simplify things and you can focus more. After naming the campaign click on next and you are good to go to the next step.

Now here you have to select the audience. Select your audience by geographical location and demographics. Like you can select the age, gender, language and age restrictions.

After that, you have to set a budget. Like how much you want to pay for the ads. So set your daily budget goals, and bid and you are all set to go. Now the next step is to schedule your campaign. Like if you want to target a specific day or want to start running the ads immediately. It all depends on your needs.

After scheduling and adding a budget for snapchat ads. It’s time to select an ad type. First, select the ad type between the following options:

  • Top Snap only
  • Web view
  • App install
  • Long-form video

Select the option according to your need and upload your snap. You can even create ads on the ad manager. However, you will need to provide information like brand name, Headline, and call to action. Talking about the call to action, it simply means targeting URL. Like if you want to drive website visitors then you have to add your website link here.

Once you are all done click on Run Campaign button and you are done with the whole process. To monitor your ad engagements you can simply go to the dashboard of your ad manager and you will get all the details over there.

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However, if you have any questions regarding the snapchat ads you can check out the official documentation. You can also edit your ad campaigns like schedule and budget. Also, there is a smartphone application available for the snapchat ad manager for better tracking.

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