How To Clear Search History On Instagram


How To Clear Search History On Instagram : As you know, it is the age of Instagram now a days, and you would be able to search for just about any type of pictures on this great photo-sharing app. Honestly, it is really addictive and you will often find yourself browsing through people’s profiles and pictures. One thing that you should know is that Instagram keeps a tab of all the searches that you make. You would have noticed this when you click on the search button and Instagram instantly gives you suggestions of people who you’ve recently searched for. We agree that this might be helpful but sometimes you want to clear the search history on Instagram as well.

A lot of people do not know how this is done, so we’ve bought to you these pointers that one needs to follow.

How To Clear Search History On Instagram

how to clear search history on instagram permanent

1) Firstly, go and open Instagram, and then click on the profile button which is on the lower right corner. This would help you access the primary profile page of your account.

2) Then, all you need to do is find the gear icon. Click on this to access the Instagram Options page.

3) Next, you need to scroll down till you reach the options menu, and then there would be an option of “Clear Search History”.

how to clear search history on instagram

4) When you click on that, it would ask you for a confirmation, so just press the Yes, I’m sure option and all your search data would be deleted instantly.

how to clear search history on instagram latest trick

5) Once you return back to your Instagram page, the prior search history would not be there. Easy, isn’t it?

This is quite a simple and easy way, and for some people it is really important to get their privacy back. Some people don’t like people seeing who they search for and it’s a great way to keep them hidden. It maybe was that you were looking at some celebrity, food items, or whatever be the reason, but it’s always important to keep your search results hidden as a lot of people use each other’s Instagram to search for things.

Also, if you have two accounts on your phone, then make sure that you clear the search history from both of them, as usually people forget about the other one. This would just take you a minute, so get going now!

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