How To Add Countdown Timer Sticker On Instagram Stories


Instagram is currently number one social App mostly used by youth and we find more number of users loving Instagram than Facebook. The craze about the social media giant Facebook is slowly going down and people are loving the Instagram App as it comes up with new features and recently Instagram launched Countdown timer Stickers which is really a very cool feature. Today we are going to tell you in detail a step by step guide on how To add countdown timer sticker on Instagram stories and surprise everyone about the new feature that you only know about.

Few months back Instagram added the Interactive question sticker feature to it’s stories which was loved by lot of users and within the launch week we were able to see almost 80{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} of users were using the question stickers telling their friends to ask then a question and they would post a reply on their story. Well this feature is outdated now and the new one which is catching all the eye balls is the Countdown timer Sticker on Instagram. Yes indeed it is.

1) What is Instagram Countdown timer Sticker

Lets say for example you have organised a party at you place for Christmas and you want to invite few people so you just go to Instagram and announce it. In early days you would just Whatsapp with an invite and say that you are organizing a party at your place. But now with the new Instagram Countdown Sticker you can announce it on your Instagram story and people who follow the countdown sticker will be notified later of about the upcoming event. Isn’t it a cool feature, basically you have got an alarm in Instagram.

2) How To Add Countdown Timer sticker On Instagram Stories

Like all other features of Instagram, it is pretty easy to use the all new Countdown Timer Sticker. Open sticker Instagram in story section on Instagram and then select the stickeR that you want, For now lets select Instagram Countdown Timer sticker.

add instagram countdown stickers

If you are using sticker for the very first time then don’t worry we are going to show step by step process to add Countdown timer sticker to story. just click on the countdown sticker as show in the above screenshot and then you are good to go.

Also you can set custom name for your Instagram countdown sticker so people can understand what it is all about and can give confirmation if they are going to addend the event at your place or not.

3) Set date & time of your choice

instagram countdown sticker

You can also set the time when event is going to be organised along with the date. A reminder will be sent to users who wants to attend the event so that they don’t forget to attend you event/function/picnic. You can create any kind of event and keep it in your story. Isn’t it one of the best feature Instagram has come up with in recent times.

instagram countdown

4) change Countdown Timer Sticker colour

In the below image you can see a round circle with different colour, just click on it and then you can choose your favourite colour for the sticker. It is always a good idea to use like colour instead of dark ones when you are keeping an event.

insta Countdown Timer Sticker colour

5) You can add multiple countdown stickers of same time on different Instagram stories.

Yes if you are hosting couple of events on the same day then you can create one more story and post it on Instagram.

6) How to view old countdown stickers on Instagram

We know you are thinking about what happens once the countdown sticker is created and then you want to place a new one. what happens to the old sticker right? The story will disappear in 24 Hours like always but the countdowns will keep on running and it will stay till the event time.

To view the old stickers then go to your story screen and take a photo or like always you can select an old photo from your phone memory. After adding a new photo, just click on the sticker icon and you will see that an old sticker is already present in the story. You can keep it as it is or just delete it.

From their you will see an option to create a new countdown. click on create countdown and you are good to go. You will be able to add new countdown.

instagram countdownn stickers

7) How to delete countdown timer sticker

Now if you want to delete countdown timer sticker that you created by mistake then all you have to do is click on three dots near the countdown name on right site of sticker and then just delete it. below is a screenshot of the same.

delete countdown sticket

The countdown timer sticker is available for both iPhone and Android and it works on your business profile and personal profile both. If you are not able to find the countdown sticker in your Instagram App then we suggest you to update the app and restart it to get the countdown sticker.

The countdown timer sticker on Instagram is going to be super fun for personal profile users as you and your friends can set daily schedule and event s that happen to you guys like Results, exams, tuition time and more. Also New year and Christmas is down the link very near you can always announce a party on your Instagram account handle with the all nee countdown timer sticker.

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Also for business owners it is great time to get in touch with Instagram influencers and announce your product launch on their Insta handle. Chances are high that you will get lost and lots of inquiry.

We hope this tutorial about how to add countdown timer sticker on Instagram stories helped you in understanding the new feature added by Instagram. let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts about it and we will be happy to help.

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