How To Grow Facebook Page Audience Organically


Increasing users, increasing posts, increasing subscriptions, increasing active times, increasing out reach these words are totally interdependent on each other “With increasing users the number of posts will increase as well at the same time these people will subscribe to one or another thing and due to subscription they might start engaging themselves more enough than before which in results increase the overall outreach.” This in aggregate created huge competition of being number of times seen by the audience. But here the audiences are smart as well they are not interested in which one is organic and which one is inorganic they will only like those which has relevant content. There are billions of page on Facebook but out of them only approx. 10{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} to 20{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} are being seen or subscribed by the people. Huge competition of content had created another sheer in which the organically marketed pages are ruling over inorganic because of the quality they produce at the same time the cost-of being viewed is either negligible or No at all.

How To Grow Facebook Page Audience Organically

How To Grow Facebook Page Audience Organically            Moving with our topic how to grow Facebook page audience organically first you should be clear about what organic is and what inorganic is. Organic means the appearance of your posts in audiences “News Feeds” are result of unpaid distribution and inorganic means they are being paid-up to be shown on audiences “News Feeds”. In other words, organic means unpaid and inorganic means paid.

Here are some few ways by which you can create Facebook audience organically:-

1) Optimal time of posting

There were plenty of researches done on this topic about which is the right time to posts the content on Facebook. Believe me or not, the timings here played huge role in boosting the outreach and it’s not always about the inorganic boosts but it’s also about the organic posts. According to Pew Research, the best time to posts on Facebook is between 12 PM to 3 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and on weekends it’s between 12 PM to 1 PM of local standard time of the targeted geography.

2) Consistent scheduling

Usually, no one will remember about your Facebook Page after your first interaction between your content and them, even though it’s highly engaging, you will be like springs wind for some time which will blow for few days and will be forgotten. Consistent scheduling, it would be one of the best way for your page recall, the more they see you the more chances are that you will be remembered for long even after the discontinuation of the Facebook page because you had already created the ample hype. Start using scheduling features so that your page’s posts do often interaction with audience.

3) Influencer for huge audience

Have you ever seen the brands endorsed by your favorite YouTuber on their Facebook stories, Insta stories, Snaps etc. However, you need to pay some money to them but if you are new you can use your local influencer at much cheaper costs to promote your page via them, it will give you the outreach at initial stage. Even after paying to them this is organic because you are not paying to Facebook you are paying this to other party and usually this budget is lesser than inorganic Facebook ads budget until and unless not being endorsed by celebrities.

4) Data points to remember

As per famous Growth Hacker Niel Patel, There are some other detailed data points that play their role and these are:-

  • How long ago the post was published.
  • How often the publisher posts content
  • Likes, comments and number of shares on the post.
  • How often did the user interact with the update posting page?
  • A previous conversation by the user with similar post
  • Negative feedback on post.
  • How useful a post is

This were the few points which one should remember before doing organic boost on Facebook page. What happens is that those who are unclear with this questions often get stuck in middle after getting initial organic boost, just because they are quite unclear about the page. You should only opt these if you are able to answer these questions because as your page will grow your mission and vision will cascade and this will result you I proper positioning of your Facebook page.

5) Actually your Facebook Optimization

Earlier, the competition of SEO was limited to Google search results but it now had reached to Facebook, your right set of keywords and hashtags can increase the chances of your page to be followed by many. You need to be very precise and specific about the keywords you choose the hashtags you use because “more posts are created than what News Feeds can show in a minute” if the hashtags are optimized enough to fall in the appearance category then even the algorithm well not stop you to appear on the “News Feeds” However this is not so easy but requires practice and proper planning is the key to it.

6) The trendy ones

Many times people starts posting some trendy contents on their Facebook pages which are famous but without violating Copyrights. Like a video of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…Jai PUBG” so what does people do either during the trendy times they make their own content similar to the topic and posts or just before when the trendy topics posts are decreasing they boom up with high-quality content, it’s the matter of proper planning and like how do they do it?

7) Video Posts are more engaging

In the era where, we hardly like to read Facebook posts just like you might have skipped reading your Facebook’s News Feed, video content plays very important role because video is narrative by itself and posts are like audience need to read and without reading they can’t be engaged but in case of videos they don’t need to do even a single thing everything is spoon-feeded. It will automatically drag the audience if they likes your video posts. It’s the best way to engage with your quality videos to increase your Facebook page like.

That’s all. Signing off! With the ways to grow your Facebook page organically. Remember, organic growth can give more compound annual growth to your page as compared to inorganic one because therein you are pumping money to get money here you are not pumping money but still you are making money.

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