4 Ways to Engage with Social Media During Conferences


Personal branding is very important if you want to grow in your career path. Being present on LinkedIn and updating your profile is just a part of the whole branding part. Attending conferences and making it part of your profile is also a part of your personal branding. But, the most important part is making others aware of  the fact that you are attending conferences by being a part of the ongoing social media activity during conferences. This is how you can become a more engaging factor during conferences and contribute towards personal branding.

4 Ways to Engage with Social Media During Conferences

There is a way in which you can engage with social media during conferences. Here are 4 suggested ways that will help engage with social media during conferences.

Real Time Tweets

A conference has multitude of speakers on the podium speaking their mind out to you. The conference would have a Twitter event setup for the occasion. Here is how you start using Twitter to your benefit. You start tweeting your opinion about the whole dimension the speaker is talking about, let others know what the speaker is saying, and what thing he/she is concerned about. Basically live tweet and join the conference event in a way that can talk more about you and how you are.Make sure whatever you say through the tweets can be considered respectful and worth a read.

Use the Right Hashtag

Most conferences have a hashtag that they want to view in the Twitter feed. Using the right hashtag can make your tweet more pronounced among your audience. But, for the tweet to come up during the live tweeting session, you need to make sure you are using the right tweet hashtag after all. This is why it is important to be aware of the twitter hashtag and use it every time you tweet.

Interaction is Vital

Whenever you attend a conference, chit chatting won’t be possible! The best way to interact with other members of the conference would be through social media. Reach out to people who are constantly measuring their presence on either Twitter or Instagram and interact with them. This is the best form of networking especially during conferences. You will see a lot of interactions happening on this space, and you will be making a lot of contacts eventually.

Don’t Over Post

It is important to have your eyes and ears on the session too! For this, you will need to keep a tab on the posting. Make sure you don’t overpost or get carried away with social media. A tweet or two in an hour and meaningful Instagram updates will make you a star on social media. If your set up is such that you don’t have many people attending, carry out your social media interaction after the conference. Remember, social media is for networking, but the first kind of networking is being present there at the time.

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