Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies That Brings Business


Email Marketing Strategies : With rich content and higher engagement, corporates made themselves capable enough to grab the audience’s attention. 100k views, 500k followers became the must for anyone who wants to generate some handsome revenue on web. All the factors depends on how company markets their content online and where they will find the leads online. In all these process of content marketing there was something new which was born—Email Marketing. In broadest sense, sending commercial messages is what we call Email Marketing if you know how it looks go and check your Promotions section of your email id.

Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies That Brings Business


email marketing strategiesHowever, there are some ways which are predefined and prominent generate some great business. We are going to look at some innovative ways by which you can bring more new clients into the business.

Lets Begin with this!

1) Subject line for fine lining the attention

Once I was trying to send emails to invite people at my stores, so simply with previous data’s I sent all the mails to the leads as well as prospects—result FAILED!


Not having the proper subject lines.

It was my learning experience from that point of time and I predominately observed that only 23{a3084df54fc7d373f89d5a29233e5bfb5a81bcc94758044e07695fa15b3cacb9} of your mails are read if you don’t have eye catching subject line but once I changed the strategy I found these number multiplying 3 times than ever before.

What new I did?

I just changed the subject line and the reason for that is people only clicks on the mail which has some meaningful subject lines or the subject lines which are appealing. Take this as the first step in Email Marketing I would say the first step of the ladder. The copywriters in creative agencies are the best people who knows how this strategy will work because it’s an art and copywriters are skilled enough to master it. I would recommend to watch some edutainment Email marketing videos related to subject lines to make yourself tricky enough to get the click.

2) Less lines more information

If you ask yourself which long promotional email did you read full last time? It maybe few on fingers count but most of them are filtered as long and boring from human’s cognitive perspective. The idea is to be appealing not descriptive, the mail should be informative enough to give best information and at the same time clearing all customers doubt.

3) Best fit to mobile

In today’s generation where everything is on mobile your business should be also on mobile i.e. mobile friendly, just like eco-friendly. Please make sure that email you send should also look better on mobile as similar as on desktop. I usually encounters promotions email on my mail id which are in infographics but doesn’t support in mobile view properly, they are always half-in and half-out from the screen. So, try to avoid this mistakes trim these type of emails as per mobile’s resolutions so that you don’t end up to be in spam folder or in blacklist. More the fit is more the engaging it would be and as result you can at least be viewed as more authentic enough.

4) Keep tracks on deliverables

Once you sent the mail it is not enough you will need to know whether the email is read or not? Quite challenging one but there are plenty of paid online add-ons or applications available on web that enables you to toggle between which mails are read which are not read. This apps are useful in a situation where you are finding prospects reading your mails but not responding or not taking any actions, So, it is necessary for your business to have some potential prospects and filter some whom are not falling under the category of prospects and try to find out how can you make them to drive in Call-to-Actions.

5) Set your sending frequency

With increase in cognitive science there are immense data present over the world which justifies that you should send emails at which time, you should send emails on which day of the months, which type of genre are accepting which are not, the gap between the gender’s in terms of frequency to read the mail or having any call-to-actions. These types of data will help you to decide where to go and where not to go.

6) Choose your SCRIPTS

This is for new businesses which are finding difficult enough to handle email writing. There are plenty of scripts available online just go and read at least 20 to 30 types of scripts you will definitely find some patterns common in them. You can write the strategy and can analyze according to it which is bringing more business and which is not. Initially, you may find it difficult in getting responses but as the time passes you will learn how scripts are being patterned in response to get positive reply from the customer. However, you can do other thing as well subscribe the promotional mails of top blue-chip companies and analyze how they have written. It would be better start for you but remember never try to copy it because judicially they are copyrighted and infringements of copyrights can be punishable offence.

7) Say Hi

Say hello or hi or any other form of friendly greetings followed by mail to customers which will make them to feel that you’re giving them personal attention there are plenty of CRM tools which can help you in that case if your customer base in big and you need to send thousands of mail at same time, in that case you can have access to these types of tools because personal greetings or personal interests bring more businesses than formal, casual mail. It’s all about the personalization which should sound not rational or partial but close enough to bridge the gap between professionalism and friendliness. That is the reason why when you see the promotional emails of today’s corporates or businesses you will find with Hi followed by your name.

8) Repeat! But not the same

Many businesses dose the mistake by repeating the same mail every time. What if I give you to eat same Margaretta of same outlet every time, will you be bored or not? Of course, you’ll because taste changes as per the time, so does the business mails should. It should be quantifiable at the same time but realistic enough that it gets more attention and people get intrigued by your mail headings.

9) Bring back your inactive customers

Emails are the best way to reach your inactive customers by using the art of attention grabbing and realistic sounding emails you can bring your inactive customers back because you’ll have an advantage over the fact that they already know who you are, what is your business, how you do your business, what advantage they got from you, will you be fruitful as per their past relationship.

10) Attention binding visuals

The visuals displayed inside the mail should be attention binding enough to make the customers think about your mail for the click. Make sure these buttons are lively and noticeable in contrast to the rest of the message, while still fitting with your email design layout. Since images are vital to the success of an email marketing campaign, you want to make sure they are loading appropriately and quickly for users.

So, these were some email marketing strategies which will bring business at quicker pace.

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