How To Book Cheap Flights – Tricks When There is no Offer


Want to book cheap flight tickets? Well, Traveling the world is easy if you are financially fit and have already achieved your dream, but it depends on you that how you want to explore the world, either in a complete luxurious way or by investing less in transportation and hotels and more in roaming.

Many of you plan by fixing a budget and many of you don’t bother about it, but those who do, this guide is going to be really helpful for them because in this guide I am going to inform you about how to book the cheapest flight possible to anywhere.

You must be wondering that why is it necessary to book a cheap flight when you can afford the higher rates, right? It’s because the money you will invest for traveling will not give you anything apart from comfort, the time taken to reach the destination will be same, so instead of investing money in costly flights, you can save them for your trip.

Moving further, let us see some tips using which you can book a flight at cheap rates to anywhere:

How to Book Cheap Flights Possible to Anywhere?

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1) Search Secretly:

As you know Google search engine, stores your history, it will recommend the flights to you whose rates increase day by day. Your search is stored in the browser’s cookies, and whenever you search for the same route again, the search engine shows you the flight’s price higher than before. So, it is recommended that whenever you are looking for cheap flights, search for them in the incognito mode also known as “private browsing”. There you will be able to find the cheap flights to reach your destination easily.

2) Check Out Offers of Different Airlines Before Booking:

Don’t be in hurry to book your tickets, check the fares of different airlines and find out which flights are offering tickets at the lowest cost and then book accordingly. Otherwise later you will regret your decision after looking at other low-cost offers. Below are some of the top websites from where you can book the flight to anywhere at cheap rates:

  • MakeMyTrip
  • Goibibo
  • Skyscanner.
  • AirWander.
  • JetRadar.

3) Check out the period in which the price is cut down:

There are times when there are huge discounts on ticket fares such as when the festive season is going on, the rates become low so, what you can do is, you can plan according to the months. Let us assume you are planning a trip to Goa with your friends, so what you can do is you can choose the best month to visit Goa, such as during New Year. There are many airlines who cut down their fares because of festivals. So, you can plan a trip at that time at low rates.

4) Connecting Flights Will Be Worth It:

Let us assume that you are traveling to Toronto, Canada from Mumbai, then instead of booking two different flights, what you can do is, book a connecting flight of the same airline. The fare may be little bit different but it will definitely save some amount of money of yours.

5) Choose low cost destination for vacation:

If you are just going on a vacation, then you can initially choose a place that is cheaper in price, because of this, the price of flights also will be low. Later you can go on various destinations if your dream is to explore the world with your loved ones or alone.

6) Buy Bulk Flight Tickets:

If you are sure about your upcoming multiple trips, then you can implement this method of booking all the tickets of the same airlines at once. With this, you will be able to save a lot of amount, plus you will be able to book domestic flights at low rates. You can easily check out various websites that provides cheap rates offers on international flights.

Steps to Book Flight Ticket:

 Though you know the steps of booking a flight ticket, I will still mention the basic procedure to do so, just in case you are a new traveller, and booking the ticket for the first time, so you don’t make any mistake otherwise once payment is done your money will be wasted. So, follow the steps in order to book the ticket for your destination:

  1. Visit any website and register yourself from where you can book flight tickets such as Yatra, MakeMyTrip, SkyScanner and more according to your choice.
  2. Enter your origin, destination, number of passengers, and date of journey.
  3. Provide passenger details such as your name, email id, phone number and more.
  4. Click on “Book” button and proceed with the payment process.

Things You Need to Take Care of While Entering at The Airport:

  • Don’t forget to carry identity proof with you.
  • Don’t overload your luggage.
  • Don’t carry tools such as knifes, cutters, safety pins or so.


Mentioned above are the top 6 ways of how to book cheap flight tickets to anywhere. You can easily choose any of the listed above website in order to book your tickets. The process to book a flight ticket to anywhere is quite easy.

We all get one life and there are millions of places in this world that all of us want to explore, so it is my personal recommendation that if you are new at your job, then put all your efforts, save your money, do a proper research of the place where you want to go, and see how you can invest less money and do more adventure, and fix an approximate budget in your mind and plan accordingly.

We always want someone to come with us but travelling alone to new places is also a lot of fun, you get to spend some time with yourself and there is nothing bad in it. Sometimes we need to take a break from all the work and our busy routine. So, start saving and travel!

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