7 Best Travel Credit Cards for Frequent Travellers


If you are big on traveling, then the dilemma about choosing the Best Travel Credit Card would have crossed your mind. Choosing the best credit card for travel depends on a few factors. Such as how often you travel and what kind of stuff you spend your money on. So, if you are looking for the best travel credit cards that will suit your needs and of the traveler inside you; then you may as well take a look at the 7 Best Travel Credit Cards available.

7 Best Travel Credit Cards – Our Top Picks for Frequent Travellers

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If you travel only occasionally, then you will want a credit card that offers travel points and one that doesn’t charge an annual fee. You will need a card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees if your work takes you overseas. So, for different needs, there is a different Travel Card.

Here we have a list of the Best Travel Credit Cards. You will also find detailed descriptions of each and every one of them. Read them carefully, and you will be able to find out the one credit card for travel that you truly need.

Best for Flexibility: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

There are some very great features that the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card offers to frequent travelers. Moreover, it is ideal for travelers who want to be flexible in spending money. The best feature of this Credit Card is that you get 50,000 points for spending $4000. From this, you can use $625 in travel expenses after redeeming through Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Moreover, you can exercise your points however you want along with the travel insurance benefits. In addition to this, there are three profitable ways you can book your travels. You can either transfer those points with 10 other travel partners, buy tickets on the official website of Chase, and the last is that you can get a cashback of $100 for every 1000 points.

Best Airline Travel Card: JetBlue Plus Card

The Jet Blue Card is a Travel Card that is for you if you only fly by one specific airline. If you already are a loyal customer to an airline, then this might be just the thing you are looking for. You will get 6 times the points when you purchase anything directly with JetBlue.

While the reward is 2x points for grocery and restaurant purchases, other purchases get you 1x points. Besides that, this is the best travel credit cards for Airlines that offers you a whopping 30,000 bonus points for purchases made within the first 90 days. There is only $99 annual fee that you’ll have to keep in mind for this fantastic option of a card.

No Annual Fee: Amex Everyday®

This is the Best Travel Credit Card from all the ones that don’t charge an annual fee. To start things off, let us tell you that you can earn 10,000 reward points if you spend $1000 within the first 3 months. Another even fruitful offer is that you can actually convert these points to actual travel miles.

With its partnership with Delta SkyMiles and Air France, travelers can convert the points into miles easily. Besides, Amex is the only credit card for travel that charges zero annual fees. So that into consideration along with the hefty amount of features it offers.

Flat Rate Rewards: Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture is the best travel credit card for frequent travelers. It grants the user miles depending on how they use the card on their travels. For every dollar spent, users get 2x miles for their travels. If they spend $3000 in the first three months after they get the card, Capital One rewards them 50,000 miles.

If you’re one of the lazy travelers like me who hate the complex travel reward programs, then you’ll love this travel credit card. You simply have to log into your account and redeem the free miles for the money you have spent.

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International Shopping: Bank of America Travel Rewards

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit card is the best choice if you decide to go on a shopping spree overseas. Because this card doesn’t charge international transaction fees. In addition to that, you get 20K points for $1000 spent in the first 3 months. While you can find other travel credit cards without foreign transaction fees, you won’t find one with a Chip+PIN capability.

This PIN allows you to utilize the card at places which don’t accept your regular signature. Another selling point for this card is that you won’t have to shell out a 100 bucks annually as fees. The only downside is that the rewards are pretty basic and low.

Best for Business: Ink Business Preferred℠

If your work takes you overseas often, why not make the most of your trip? Business owners who travel often will find that the Ink Business Preferred℠ is the best credit card for travel for the business segment. With this card, you can earn 3 points for every dollar you spend. The limit goes up to $150,000 and you can include shipping and travel costs, phone, cable, and internet bills, etc.

Matter of fact, cardholders rack up 80,000 points if they spend no less than $5K in the initial 3 months. What’s more is that you can use these points to make a deposit into a savings account or as a statement credit. Furthermore, it also doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. This feels like the Best Travel Credit Cards for Business Owners.

Best Introductory Offer: Citi AAdvatage Platinum Select MasterCard

The AAdvantage is also a best travel reward credit card. When you get yourself a brand-new card, you have a chance of getting 60,000 miles if you spend $3000 in the first three months. Further, you only have to pay the annual fee after the first year. Another great thing is that the offer is double the one that is usually available.

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We hope this covers the spectrum of the possible scenarios for selecting best travel credit cards. You can bet that you’ll find a card that you’ll like for your future adventures after reading this elaborate article.

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