20 Best Social Media Agencies with an Awesome Digital Presence


You can not deny the fact that the Social media agencies are not important. In fact, every business needs a help from Social media agencies to improve their business and grow the sales. However, in recent times, there are too many Social media agencies that can do the job. But have you ever wondered what are the top agencies in this field?. Well if you have ever wondered. Then let me tell you this piece of post is going to be all about the top agencies. We have handpicked some of the social media companies that are best in the business. So let’s just head into the topic of 20 best social media agencies without wasting any moment.

Top 20 Best Social Media Agencies – The 2019 List:

Best Social Media Agencies

1. Pinstorm:

If you are reading these piece of content from India then Pinstorm would be a good choice to you. The company was founded in 2004 and ranked as one of the best SEO Agencies in the world. The company offers services like Digital transformation. Digital Marketing, Brand management, SEO, Viral Marketing, Integrated Advertising SEM, Social Media and so on. The company have around 200 employees and provided their services to companies like Dairy Milk, Cadbury and ICICI bank.

2. Resultrix:

Resultrix was founded in 2008 and known as one of the top rated company. The company is Washington, Mumbai, and Singapore based. The company offers services like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Interactive Design, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, Display Marketing, Attribution Modeling, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Programmatic Buying and so on. The company has provided their service to companies like Yahoo, MasterCard and so on.

3. WATConsult:

The WatConsult is a Mumbai based company. The company offers services like  Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Digital Marketing , Mobile Marketing, Web Development and so on. They have provided their services to the companies like Tata, Godrej and so on.

4. 6S Marketing:

6S Marketing is a New York-based company that offers services like Web Development, Social Media Strategy, Mobile & App Marketing and so on.

5. Get Started:

The Get Started was founded in 1999 and offers service like Content strategy, Digital marketing, Web development and so on.

6. Sparrow:

The Sparrow is a Delhi based marketing company. That offers services like the brands marketing, social communication and so on.

7. Momentum Design Lab:

The Momentum Design Lab offers services like UX/CX strategy, UX design and so on.

8. Gozoop:

The Gozoop provides services like Social Media Optimization, SEO. Web Design and Development, Pay Per Click Advertising, and so many other services. The company has helped Discovery Channel, Myntra with their service.

9. ICubeswire:

ICubeswire is a well known company that provided their services to a company like Paytm. They provide services like Listening, Digital Media Buying & Planning, Programmatic and Digital Creative.

10. Media2Win:

Media 2 Win also one of the famous Indian company. It offers services like Digital Consumer Activation for Brand Sales, Branded Game Apps, Mobile Utility Apps and so on. They have provided their service to companies like Tata Sky, UTV Movies and much more.

11. New Media Guru:

The New Media Guru is a London based company. The company offers services like Website development, Custom Application development. Mobile app development, E-commerce Solutions, CMS, Cloud Solutions, SEO, Social Media Marketing and so on.

12. Straight North:

Straight North is also known as one of the top rated company. They offer its customers a free SEO audit. Along with the free report, they also provide services like PPC Management, Website design, and development. They also offer services like conversation management and so on.

13. SEO Image:

The SEO Image is an Internet Marketing, SEO & Reputation Management Agency. It offers services like PPC management, Local SEO and so on.

14. Blue Hat Marketing:

Blue Hat Marketing is an award-winning top social media marketing firm. They provide services like PPC Management, Local SEO, Social Media and so on.

15. SunStrategic:

SunStrategic is an Indian marketing company. That offers service like Digital Branding, Web Development, Marketing Collateral, Project Management. They also offered their services to companies like Airtel, Microsoft and so on.

16. Webmaffia:

WebMafia is an Indian company founded in 2012. They are specialized in Social Media Strategy, Digital Strategy, Website Solutions, SEO, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and so on. Web Mafia has provided their services to companies like the NBA, SAB TV, and so many other companies.

17. SearchBloom:

The Search Bloom is an award winning marketing company. They provide service like Internet marketing. PPC Management, Social media management,  SEO, Local SEO, App and web development and so on.

18. Poised Media:

The Poised Media is a Mumbai based company. That specialized in services like the Web Design & Development. Mobile, Social & Web Apps, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning and Buying, Brand Solutions, Digital Consultancy, Videos and so on. They also are known for providing their service to Oreo, Godrej, Jio, MTV and many more companies.

19. Mind & Matter:

The Mind & Matter is a Kolkata based company. They provide services like Advertising, Graphic Designing. Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Website design and development and much more. They have provided their services to the ICICI Bank, Aircel, The Telegraph, Hughes and so on.

20. SEO Inc:
The SEO Inc is a California based company. The company offers services like Shopify SEO, eBay SEO, PPC Management, Pay Per Click service, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Management, Web Development. Also, they provide services like Mobile Optimization, SEO Copywriting and provides SEO Training.


The above listed Social media agencies are well known. Even a few of them have won awards for their service. Some of the companies have provided their services to the top tech companies and best in their business. However Social media agencies you choose make sure you are talking to them before taking their service. Some of them also offer a free SEO Audit for your websites and each and every company have some unique in it. So before making any deal, it’s better to talk to them and satisfy yourself. Once you are satisfied with your query make the deal.

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